Boating: One of America’s favorite pastimes. Whether that means laying out on a speed boat in Lake Lanier or fishing on a pontoon boat, boating is some of the most fun you can do. However, fun and boating have not always gone hand-in-hand. Initially, boating was a way for people to get from point A to point B, similarly to what we think of cars nowadays. In addition, boats were used as a means to explore the rest of the world. Before airplanes, people would make their way from one continent to another on a boat. Ships were also used as a way to go to war with other countries and defend their land. In today’s blog, we’ll be going over some historically famous ships that will help give you the boating bug again. For more information on boating on Lake Lanier, contact us today.

Four Famous Ships Throughout History

Ships have been in abundance throughout history. Some of them have become famous due to sinking and others have gone through battles to defend their country. In today’s blog, we’ll be going over four famous ships that have appeared throughout history and what they’ve gone through to become the famous vessels that they are known as nowadays.

The Santa Maria

The Santa Maria is a very well known ship. You probably recall this boat from your history class days. To jog your memory, The Santa Maria was the ship that Christopher Columbus was on when he discovered America in 1492. The Santa Maria is a ship that was less than 70 feet long and was a considered to be a very slow Spanish vessel. However, it did help Christopher Columbus reach the new world. While Columbus has now been considered to have a bad reputation due to the brutality when he was a governor, The Santa Maria was a vessel that will always be remembered. Even her wood was used as a way to rebuild another ship, which was known as La Navidad because the shipwreck of The Santa Maria happened on Christmas Day. Even though The Santa Maria was shipwrecked there were four ships that were built exactly the same and traveled the high seas.

The Mayflower

Another famous ship that you probably know of is The Mayflower. You probably recall this ship from stories about Thanksgiving. In the year 1620, The Mayflower was used as a vessel to transport those leaving England from religious persecution to what was known as the New World. These people on The Mayflower were known as English Separatists and Puritans or what would later be known as the Pilgrims. The Pilgrims lived on the vessel for a few months before establishing what was known as the British colonies and thus turned into America.

Battleship USS Arizona

The next ship on our list is the Battleship USS Arizona. The Battleship USS Arizona is a ship that was in World War I, which was later bombed by a Japanese plane and sunk on December 7, 1941, as World War II was getting underway. The Japanese bomb that sunk this World War I battle wagon had over 1,177 people in it who died in this unlucky shot. In addition, she was left in a blaze for days and was deemed unsalvageable. Now, she is seen as a symbol of sacrifice and resolve and the remains are a powerful reminder to every American who visits Pearl Harbor.

British Luxury Liner RMS Titanic

Most people know of the Titanic at this point because of the movie, but few actually remember that it’s a real ship that sank in 1912. Everyone is aware of the story of the RMS Titanic and it’s easily one of the most famous ships because it shows man’s hubris as well as the technological brilliance. Even though the Titanic was considered to be unsinkable, more than 1,500 people died because of the lack of lifeboats on the ship, which is why it sits so heavily on the mind.

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