Memorial Day weekend is in a couple of weeks and we bet that you can’t wait for some time off of work. More importantly, do you know what you’re doing for the holiday?

Memorial Day, or Decoration Day as it was previously called, helps to remember all of those people who have fallen while in service of the United States Of America. No matter where they fell or how long ago, Memorial Day is meant to remember each and every one of those fallen soldiers. Originally, Memorial Day started because of the Civil War and a desire for people to honor those who have died.

As time progressed, Memorial Day has turned into a time that many remember soldiers from the Civil War and beyond are all remembered. Take the time to remember those who have fought for this country by visiting our boating club and remembering that life is beautiful and bright.

Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend On Lake Lanier

The winter in Georgia this year has been long. While the start of the cold season has been unseasonably chilly, the rest of the winter has been relatively mild. Georgia is not a state that many people associate with being cold, but that doesn’t mean our winters aren’t uncomfortable. Long nights, not that much sunshine, and frosty weather, it can be easy to forget that we have access to a multitude of outdoor activities, especially those on a lake.

We’re excited to tell you that now that it’s May, boating season will be ramping up and Memorial Day weekend is the best time to start to enjoy some fun in the sun. While the winter has been cold and the last thing on your mind is probably boating, with the arrival of spring and warm weather, the seed to get onto the lake may have already been planted. You may already be thinking of taking out a speed boat onto Lake Lanier. Instead of spending time around a barbecue and enjoying time with your friends, neighbors, and family members, enjoy some time on Lake Lanier to celebrate Memorial Day with your closest loved ones. After all, you do have a day off to take some time to journey down to Buford and Cumming.

Create Memories That Last A Lifetime

By spending Memorial Day weekend boating, you’ll create memories that you’ll never forget. Bring some beverages, delicious food, and a bathing suit to relax in the sunshine as you and your loved ones have fun on Lake Lanier. One of the best parts of Memorial Day can be the grilling, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy homemade burgers and dogs. That tasty food you were going to have at your barbecue can always come along to fill up the hungry stomachs. While standing in the backyard and enjoying some sunshine as you grill can be enjoyable, there’s just something about getting onto a large expansion of water, speeding around, and escaping reality for a few hours to feel really rejuvenated. Do you want to have an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend? Then come down to Freedom Boat Club and pick out a boat to take onto Lake Lanier.