We’ve been gearing up for this moment for a while now. We bet you have too. After such a dreary, long, and chilly winter, the weather in Georgia is finally started to get comfortable enough to go swimming in Lake Lanier. And better yet, we’re excited to tell you that boating season is right around the corner. We know that you’ve probably been waiting all winter long and into the spring to take a boat out onto Lake Lanier and now, you finally can. Since the weather is warming up and the sun is high in the sky at what seems like all hours of the day, you can go boating without having to worry about frigid cold water. While boating before was fun, there’s nothing like enjoying the warm sunshine and cooling water. In this weather, you can do everything from water skiing to wakeboarding. Just stop by Freedom Boat Club to choose the boat you want, so you can start your boating season.

Boating Season Is Around The Corner

As you may have guessed from above, we’re very excited for boating season to start. Not only is it one of our favorite times of the year, but it’s a great way to get away from real life for a little while and remember that life isn’t all about stress and work. Since the fall, you’ve probably been bombarded with so many busy activities. From the holiday season to work, you probably have experienced too many stressful days to count. Now, with boating season starting and the summer weather closing in, you have the time to spend on relaxation. After all, there’s a reason that summer is the best time to go on vacation. When you can get away with family or your close community of friends, you’re able to fully embrace everything around you and loosen up.

Summer On Lake Lanier

Since boating season is right around the corner, you’re probably figuring out how you’d like to spend your summer. Well, when you become a member of Freedom Boat Club, you can take a boat of your choice out onto Lake Lanier. No matter if you’d like a small or a large boat to take out, we have exactly what you want.

Spending your summer on Lake Lanier can look like many things. When it comes to what you can do on the lake while you’re boating, that’s up to you. You can participate in wakeboarding, water skiing, tubing, and so many more activities. Just don’t forget the materials you’ll need! You can take a week off of work and just spend long days fishing and relaxing or you can come down on the weekends. Located less than an hour out of Atlanta, we have two different locations that you can choose from. What sets us apart from other boating clubs in the area is the mere fact that all you need to do is pay for a membership and we’ll handle the rest.

Watch the sunset, the sunrise, and do everything in between when you choose Freedom Boat Club as your premier boating club around Lake Lanier. As Lake Lanier’s Oldest And Largest Private Membership Boat Club, we welcome you to our 2018 boating season.