1. Famous Ships In History

    Boating: One of America’s favorite pastimes. Whether that means laying out on a speed boat in Lake Lanier or fishing on a pontoon boat, boating is some of the most fun you can do. However, fun and boating have not always gone hand-in-hand. Initially, boating was a way for people to get from point A to point B, similarly to what we think of cars nowadays. In addition, boats were used as a means t…Read More

  2. Why Are Boats Named After Women?

    If you’re an avid reader of our blog, then you know we absolutely love diving into the different histories of boating and everything to do with it. In today’s blog, we’ll be answering the popular question of why boats are named after women. Whether a boat is named after a woman the person knows or they really want to name their boat something unique, the common practice is to name a boat a f…Read More

  3. The Catch And Release Fishing Rules In Georgia

    In every state, there are laws to protect the wildlife. Some states are much more lenient when it comes to fishing than others, but the one thing that all states can agree on is the catch and release rules. Catch and release rules allow for recreational fishing to preserve the environment. This method of conservation allows you to have fun while maintaining the population of fish in the area. Catc…Read More

  4. Stay Safe While Boating On Lake Lanier

    While the weather in Georgia isn’t ideal for boating, it’s never too early to start thinking about boating on Lake Lanier. Buford, and Cumming, GA, are home to two of the most versatile boating clubs in the area. While there are always options for a boating club around this large body of water, our Affordable Alternative To Boat Ownership™ offers those who want to take some time to relax mor…Read More

  5. Facts About Current Day Pirates

    In The History Of Pirates and The Female Pirate, we went over piracy in the past centuries both for female and male pirates. When you think of a pirate, you probably think of eye patches, parrots, cannons, and ships. You might think of Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson or Pirates Of The Caribbean series with Johnny Depp. However, even though Hollywood and novels have glorified the pirate, …Read More

  6. Boating Resolutions To Follow In 2018

    Happy new years! Welcome to the year 2018! Even though it sounds quite futuristic, nothing much has changed except for your desire to have a new and exciting year. What’s neat about entering a brand new year is how you can approach it. For example, you’re able to make resolutions you want to keep all year round to make you the best version of yourself as possible. From deciding to exercise mor…Read More

  7. Gifts For the Boat Lover

    Christmas is coming to Georgia, are you ready? If you’re a last minute shopper and you’re rushing around to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones, then you’re like most people around the holiday season. Everyone is always rushing around the stores and spending hours on the Internet trying to find the perfect gift. However, with this blog, you’ll be able to provide the right gift for y…Read More

  8. Don’ts Of Proposing On A Boat

    In Dos Of Proposing On A Boat, we went over some things you should do when you’re proposing on a boat. While making the decision to propose is a big one and it may be causing you some anxiety, these dos and don’ts are a great way to help you feel more sure of your plan. One of the most romantic proposal ideas is to ask the big question while out boating. Boating anytime of the year is beautifu…Read More

  9. Dos Of Proposing On A Boat

    You and your girlfriend have been together for quite some time to the point where people are asking when you two are going to get married. While your friends and family joke about you tying the knot soon, the idea has been spinning around your mind for sometime and you’d like to start planning something special to take the next step in your relationship. Due to the fact that both of you adore go…Read More

  10. Reasons Why You Need Boating In Your Life

    The wise motto of the House Of Stark from Game Of Thrones states, “winter is coming.” As we enter December and say goodbye to Thanksgiving, Georgia can already feel a chill cover the land, so why would anyone want to discuss boating? The answer is simple: because the idea of boating will get you through this chilly weather. Spring is a long way off, but with the idea of boating looming in the …Read More