1. Get the Most Out of Different Boats

    Some of you may already know this, but when you become a member of Freedom Boat Club at Lake Lanier, you instantly gain access to a wide variety of boats. While you may have experience and be familiar with one or two specific types of boats, few people have extensive experience with all of them. That’s why in today’s blog from Freedom Boat Club, we talk about the different types of boats we of…Read More

  2. The Real Cost of Owning A Boat

    Tons of people all over the country dream of being able to enjoy a day of boating whenever they want — and we don’t blame them! There’s nothing like hitting Lake Lanier with the person you love by your side and maybe a kid or two dangling their feet in the water. Each time you go out on a boat, it’s a magical experience that creates memories that last a lifetime. Unfortunately, people all …Read More

  3. Boat Your Way Into the New Year

    The year 2020 is officially in full swing. It’s unofficially been dubbed the year of clarity because, well, 2020. New year new you, right? This year at Freedom Boat Club at Lake Lanier, we want to help you keep your New Year’s resolution that you’ve committed to. In today’s blog, we go over a few ways that joining the world’s largest boating club can help you meet and exceed your New Yea…Read More

  4. The Basics of Water Skiing

    There are tons of reasons that people love boat clubs because what’s not to love? You can go boating as much as you want, you have access to multiple different types of boats, and you have a fun summer activity to do with family and friends. Here at Freedom Boat Club Lake Lanier, one of our favorite perks of being in a boat club is water skiing! If you or anyone in your boating party is feeling …Read More

  5. choosing a liveaboard

    More Tips on How to Choose the Type of Liveaboard Boat For You

    Freedom Boat Club in Lake Lanier is passionate about boating, which is one of the reasons why we started a boat share program where for one monthly fee, you can use any boat in our fleet. Simply reserve a boat, and then show up at the marina. It’s that simple! We’ve been diving into living on a boat and all that that entails, from making the decision to live on a boat to choosing which boat is…Read More

  6. how to chose liveaboard boat

    How to Choose the Type of Liveaboard Boat For You

    Choosing a home is always a big decision, even a boat home. After all, it’s a big investment that you will have to live with for a while, and you want to get it right. Freedom Boat Club in Lake Lanier offers the best boat club program, where you can use the club’s boat as a member whenever you want with no maintenance or storage worries. In our on-going blog post series, we’ve been exploring…Read More

  7. types of liveaboard boats

    Types of Liveaboard Boats

    In our on-going blog series, we’ve been talking about living aboard boats. This is a trend that is growing as more and more people are seeking adventure and freedom aboard the open seas. Furthermore, with the lower costs and internet availability, this option of living on board boats is now a viable one for many. Freedom Boat Club in Lake Lanier is the best boat club. We offer our members access…Read More

  8. liveaboard living on boat

    Should You Live on a Boat, Part 2

    In our last blog post, we introduced the idea of living on a boat. Freedom Boat Club is the oldest and largest private membership boating club in Lake Lanier. As the affordable alternative to boat ownership, we offer our members access to our boats, from speed boats to pontoon boats and more, with no maintenance, storage, worry, or hassle. As members you can reserve any boat in our fleet, and enjo…Read More

  9. living on a boat liveaboard

    Should You Live on a Boat?

    There is something special about the water. It fascinates us, mainly because we can’t go underwater forever — only for a small percentage of time. While we are in the water, we get to see how water creatures live, from fish swimming to and fro to huge coral reefs that build up underwater for sea creatures to thrive. If we’re lucky, we’ll get to see a whale, a dolphin, or even a shark who c…Read More

  10. Why You Should Reserve The Regal 28 Express Cruiser

    Here at Freedom Boat Club in Buford, we provide our boat club members with a wide selection of amazing boats to choose from. We have nearly every type of boat — from pontoon boats made to fit the whole family to great cruisers you can use to relax out on the lake. In today’s blog here at Freedom Boat Club in Buford, this is the first blog in our series that is going to go through the perks of …Read More