It’s no secret that basically everyone loves boating — especially here in Buford, Georgia where Lake Lanier offers a wide range of incredible boating opportunities. The big dilemma that most people face when it comes to boating is whether or not they should buy their own boat or join a boat club with a boat sharing program like ours at Freedom Boat Club.


While just about anyone would take up the opportunity to own their own boat, there are myriad reasons why it isn’t in the cards for everyone. That’s exactly why boat clubs like ours exist, though — to help everyone have the opportunity to experience the life of a boat owner without all of the complications that accompany such a daunting venture.


Here at Freedom Boat Club, we also understand that some people prefer not to share and would prefer to have their own boat all to themselves, which is completely understandable. Meanwhile, if you are one of the boating enthusiasts that is experiencing the dilemma of choosing which route is best for you, we’ll dive into the benefits of each in this week’s blog post to help you more clearly come to a conclusion.


The following are just some of the ways that joining a boat club and participating in a boat sharing program can benefit you when compared to outright purchasing your own.


Boating Clubs Offer Less Stress

In many cases, owning a boat can be more stressful than owning a car, if not, more so. This is because boat’s require a great deal of regular upkeep, routine maintenance, and proper storage and care. When you opt to join a boat club instead, you don’t have to stress over any of these factors or let them intrude on you enjoying your boating experience. At Freedom Boat Club, we take care of ensuring that each of our boats we offer are consistently running at peak performance and perform all of the necessary upkeep procedures. This means you don’t have to fret over keeping a bot in pristine condition. Just show up to the boat club, pick up your boat of choice, and get out on the open water in no time.



Boating Clubs Offer More Options

Yes, you read that right. When you join a boating club, not only do you avoid many of the headaches and responsibilities that accompany boat ownership, but you also have the option to take out a variety of different types of boats, depending on what you need or are in the mood for riding a particular day. You can take a solo trip out earlier in the day with a speedboat or small lake boat for fishing or a then switch to a pontoon once the whole family arrives later in the day. By joining a boating club, the possibilities are truly endless as you get the experience of owning a multitude of different boats while only paying for an affordable monthly membership.


Boating Clubs Are Less Of An Investment

There’s no hiding the fact that purchasing a boat is an expensive endeavor. Not only do you have to dish out a large upfront cost when purchasing a boat, but you will also likely be paying for routine maintenance, cleaning, storage, unexpected repairs, and other factors that go into being a responsible boat owner. Boating clubs provide an affordable method for everyone to experience the joys of boating without having to save up for an additional expensive asset. Since you aren’t having to sacrifice an arm and a leg with a boat club to get out on the water, you also don’t have to invest the time into researching which boat type is most suitable for your needs and then into getting it prepared for boating season. Simply sign up to become a member, enjoy the perks of being a member by participating in boat sharing, and renew your membership monthly as you wish to continue having all of the perks of boat ownership without any of the hassles.


Boating Clubs Give You Boating Freedom

Another fantastic aspect about boating clubs like Freedom Boat Club is the ability to have more boating freedom. If you’re someone who enjoys traveling as much as you do boating, then a boat club membership will allow you to have access to boats at any location where your membership is accepted. This means if you want to go boating somewhere away from home, you don’t have to haul a boat across the country or pay to rent a bot from a different organization. Just as you would at our boat club in Buford, Georgia, once you’re a member, you can simply arrive at one of Freedom Boat Club’s over 165 locations throughout the country, select your desired boat, and take it out for a ride.


Watch The Video Below to Learn More About Boat Sharing


When it comes to the decision of becoming a boat owner or a member of a boat club, it depends on your specific circumstances, preferences, and experience with boating. What is certain, though, is that boat share programs like the process we use at Freedom Boat Club allows thousands of people nationwide to enjoy a life of boating that never would have previously thought it was possible for them. Both decisions have their benefits, but take time in contemplating the decision of what is best for you and your family.


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