Owning a boat can be great — you can take it fishing, water skiing, or just enjoy driving around on the water. What people don’t tell you, though, is all of the hassles of owning a boat. They used to just be part of what you have to do to go boating. But now, our team at Freedom Boat Club in Buford has a better solution. When you join Freedom Boat Club in Buford, you get to go boating as much as you want and whenever you want, just like you own a boat. In today’s blog here at Freedom Boat Club in Buford, we talk about the differences in owning your own boat rather than being a part of Freedom Boat Club in Buford.


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When you buy your own boat, you have to find a place to keep it. Some docks and marinas let you keep your boat with them, but not without a hefty docking fee. You can always store your boat at a self-storage location, but you would also have to invest in a trailer and pay a monthly fee for them to keep it there. Even if you own land large enough to store your boat, you still have to invest in a trailer to get it out of the water and take up a literal boatload of space at your home. It is much more practical and cost-effective to be a member of the Freedom Boat Club in Buford than to invest in your own boat.


From time to time all things mechanical break down and things go wrong — boats are certainly no exception. When you own your own boat, unless you have a useful knowledge base and mechanical know-how when it comes to boats, you’ll have to hire a professional to perform your maintenance. Even boats in pristine condition need regular maintenance that can be costly if you don’t know how to do it yourself. When you are a member for Freedom Boat Club in Buford, we take care of all maintenance — both emergency and regular — so that you don’t have to worry about it. 


Boat maintenance can be a stressful and inconvenient part of your boating experience. Join our boat club today for stress-free boating! 


Perhaps the best part of being a Freedom Boat Club of Buford member is that you aren’t stuck with just one type of boat — you can choose from any type you want. We have boats that can tow innertubes and water skiers, we have fishing boats, pontoon boats, and more! At our boat club, you can take out whatever boat best suits the adventure you are looking to have for the day. When you buy your own boat, unless you are fortunate enough to own multiple boats, you are sadly stuck with just the one you own.


Boat anywhere

Another perk that many people might not know about Freedom Boat Club in Buford is that not only can you use the boat share boats at your home location, but you can also reserve the boats at any Freedom Boat Club location across the world! When traveling across the country, it would be a hassle to transport your boat from one place to another. With Freedom Boat Club, you can fly all over the U.S., Canada, and parts of Europe and enjoy the convenience of having a boat waiting for you when you get there. No need to tow your boat around the country. 


This also automatically gives you fun vacation opportunities wherever you travel, without taking out of the precious vacation budget. Simply make a reservation at the Freedom Boat Club location you want to boat at and you are in business! 

Join the country’s largest boat club 

Freedom Boat Club in Buford is unlike any other boat club out there. You can boat pretty much anywhere, anytime, without actually having to own a boat. Better yet, you don’t have to worry about storage, maintenance, or being stuck with the same boat every time! Take the stress and headache out of owning a boat, and start boating the smart way with Freedom Boat Club in Buford. Contact us today to learn more and to join the country’s largest boat club!