how to chose liveaboard boat

Choosing a home is always a big decision, even a boat home. After all, it’s a big investment that you will have to live with for a while, and you want to get it right. Freedom Boat Club in Lake Lanier offers the best boat club program, where you can use the club’s boat as a member whenever you want with no maintenance or storage worries.

In our on-going blog post series, we’ve been exploring the decision to live aboard a boat and become known as “liveaboards.” We’ve offered up tips to help you decide as well as explained the most popular types of liveaboard boats. Now, the big decision is here: which liveaboard boat is for you? Continue reading for tips to help answer this question, and then contact our boat club today to get started!


Comfort Versus Convenience and Speed

One of the biggest factors that goes into deciding which liveaboard boat is right for you is deciding what you can or what you want to live without and what you can’t live without. The more conveniences you have, such a fridge and shower, the bigger your boat will be and the slower it will be in the water. The less your liveaboard boat has, the faster it will be. Taller boats have more wind resistance and can be harder to maneuver around docks and ports. In the end, it’s up to you and your use of the boat. If you plan on finding a place to stay most of the year, then a bigger, more comfortable boat is for you. You can always rent a faster boat when you need one if you want to go a-sailing, or you can join Freedom Boat Club in Lake Lanier to have boats available for leisurely use as well.


Buying a boat can be an expensive endeavor, and, in general, the more amenities you have, the more your liveaboard boat will cost. Most boats offer up about 100 square feet of living space, which is even smaller than a 400 square foot apartment you’ve probably lived in at some point in your life. Remember, all 35 foot boats are not created equal. For example, if your boat is broader or wider throughout the hull, it will offer more living space that one that is narrower.

Freedom Boat Club in Lake Lanier recommends that you visit these types of boats at a boat dealer near you so you can judge for yourself what size boat you can and can’t live in. Don’t forget that you have to consider that maintenance and cost parts as well as monthly moorage all will increase along with the size of your boat as well. A good rule of thumb to follow for your liveaboard boat length is between 25 and 35 feet for one person and over 40 feet for two or more people.


Freedom Boat Club is a boat share program that allows you to try out different boats, even overnight, without having to hassle with maintenance and storage for a low monthly fee. This is a great way to test out if you want to become a liveaboard. Contact us today to get started!