What Are The Best Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe Out On The Boat? 

Boating is one of the most diverse and fun activities you and your family can do this summer. Boats are great because you can engage in a wide range of activities that are thrilling and get the blood pumping or are relaxing and help you unwind. You can get your adrenaline going by trying to hang on to an inner tube being towed behind a boat, or you can have a calming and rejuvenating fishing trip out on the water. Whatever kind of day you are looking for, boating will always come through for you. 


When boating with your kids, though, you want to make sure they have as much fun (if not more fun) as you do. The best way to make sure they enjoy themselves is by keeping them safe. In today’s blog here at Freedom Boat Club in Buford, we are going to discuss some great ways to keep your kids safe while out on the boat this summer. 


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Life jackets

We can not stress this point enough. Not only is it smart and safe to wear life jackets, but it is also required by law for your kids to wear them. Even Michael Phelps can’t swim when knocked unconscious or badly injured. Life jackets make it so that if you get injured and can’t swim, you can still keep your head above water. Also, swimming for long periods of time is hard work. In cases of emergency, you may be required to swim for long periods and having a life jacket makes it so you don’t have to worry about treading water after you are completely exhausted.


If keeping your kids safe on the boat this summer is your No. one priority, which it should be, then putting life jackets on your kids should be a no-brainer. Pro tip: they are more likely to want to wear it and keep wearing it if their role models and personal heroes are wearing one too.


Make sure it is fitted properly

Another important aspect of keeping your kids safe this summer with life jackets is making sure that it fits properly. While making sure your kids have a life jacket is a really great first step, you should always double check that it fits them properly. With their arms raised, the life jacket should not touch the chin or ears. If it does, then this can mean that the jacket is either too big or the straps aren’t quite tight enough. If you are unsure whether or not the life jacket is a good fit, you can always consult the Freedom Boat Club in Buford staff at the dock or ask a friendly fellow boater! 




Another great way to keep your family with children safe while boating this summer is making sure they are educated and know what to expect when it comes to being out on the family boat. Making sure they know what to do and what not to do in different situations can make all of the difference. For those parents out there who maybe aren’t comfortable teaching their kids the necessary information, there are a number of excellent boater safety courses that you can have your child attend as well.


It is very important that there are rules and boundaries set in place for your kids and family in general. Having rules and making sure your kids know them can help make sure everybody stays safe and has a great time. Some general rules that you can set for your kids to keep them safe are: 


  • No running on the boat
  • Make sure all hands and feet are in the boat while it is moving
  • Always wear your life jacket while on the boat
  • Only get in the water when an adult says it is okay to do so
  • When the boat is moving, make sure you are holding onto a secure point
  • Always have the orange flag in the air when there is a person in the water and the boat isn’t moving
  • Never get in the water when the propeller is still moving


Each family will have different rules because all children are different and have different boundaries that need to be set in place to keep them safe. Ultimately, nobody knows your kids better than you do so nobody else will know what rules to put in place better than you do.

Safe practices

There are certain dangers that your children should be made aware of to help keep them safe out on the boat. For instance, it is smart to make sure they understand the dangers of the boat propeller and know to steer clear of it when they are in the water. Or that there is a difference in swimming in the swimming pool and swimming in open water with waves and wakes. When your kids know what to expect and what to steer clear of, it gives them a much higher chance of staying safe and having a great time out on the boat. 


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When it comes to boating safety, sunscreen may not be as important as a life jacket or making sure they know the rules, but having sunscreen is definitely important! You and your family will be spending all day out in the hot sun having fun. Nothing puts a halt to a great day quite like a sunburn does. Not only is a sunburn painful, but it is also potentially dangerous as well. Sunburns can increase the risk of skin cancer since it is damaging the cells in your skin. Make sure everyone stays safe and has a great time by not forgetting to bring (and apply) the sunscreen!


At Freedom Boat Club in Buford, we want to give you the opportunity to experience all the joys boating can offer in a safe, stress-free way! Learn more about our boat club and join today to help create memories you and your family won’t ever forget.