As the holidays fast approach us, it can be difficult to determine what to purchase someone who seems like they have everything. A great way to figure out a gift is by determining what they may really enjoy. Find out what they really like and then base your present around that. If you have someone in your life that really enjoys boating, then we have some suggestions for you this holiday season. While he or she can’t go boating since it’s about to be winter, you can bring boating to them in the form of a great present. For more present ideas, check out Gifts For The Boat Lover. While it’s from last holiday season, it can also provide you with some insight as to what to buy the person who absolutely loves boating.

Five Presents To Purchase For The Person Who Loves Boating

We put together a few ideas for presents that you can give the person who seems like they have everything. Purchasing a present can be a very difficult endeavor if you’re not sure what to buy him or her. For this reason, we wanted to put together a few ideas that could benefit your loved one who may love boats. We provided a few gift ideas that you can take advantage of this holiday season to show how much you love your family members or friends.

A Boat Membership

The first idea we have is a boat membership to Freedom Boat Club. While it may be out of your price range for your friends, a family member would really love this gift. For those who adore boating, Freedom Boat Club offers Affordable Alternative to Boat Ownership™. That means that you can visit our boating club and take out a boat of your choice. Whether it’s a speed or a pontoon boat, you have access to a variety of different boats that will award you with a fun-filled day. What’s neat about joining our boat club is that you can go to any Freedom Boat Club in the nation and be able to go boating. From Florida to Texas, you can enjoy going boating on a variety of lakes.


Another gift idea is the Corkcicle. The Corkcicle is a thermal cup that goes above and beyond. It brings thermal cups to another level because it’s ideal for on-the-water use. There are easy-gripping flat sides and a Lexan lid that holds 16 ounces. There are other options as well, such as the Artican or the Canteen. Each of these products will keep a beverage cold or warm all day depending on what’s in the container. You can also purchase these thermal cups in a variety of different colors, which makes them more personalized and fun to use.

LED Spotlight

Another gift idea is an LED spotlight. This option can be beneficial for anyone who boats late at night or even in ends to be out in nature during the night. The LED spotlight can be used for a variety of reasons. From hiking in the dark to going boating, an LED light can be a great choice because of how durable it is. Additionally, it allows you to feel safer wherever you are and it’s hands-free, so you don’t have to worry about having to juggle too many things. With a shatterproof lens and a rubberized protector, this LED light will help to keep your loved ones safe due to its practicality.

Doggie Life Jacket

If you have a dog in your family or your friends who love boating do, then gift a dog life jacket. Many people who have a dog as a pet treat him or her like part of the family. That means that the dog shouldn’t stay at home while the rest of the family is out enjoying some fun in the sun. At Freedom Boat Club, we offer a variety of pontoon boats that you can take your dog on. However, we want to encourage pet safety just like human safety. This means that the dog should have a life jacket on just in case he or she falls over.

Waterproof Sandals

The last gift we recommend that you purchase someone who loves boating is waterproof sandals. Waterproof sandals are a great present because they are so versatile. Whether the person is boating or going on a long hike in a damp area, waterproof sandals will hold up very well. They will keep your feet safe, comfortable, and eliminate any accidents from occurring. There are a variety of different waterproof sandals as well, such as Crocs™, Chacos®, and Keens®, to name a few.

As the holidays approach, make sure that you get the boat lover in your family or friend group something they can enjoy. For more information on our memberships, take the time to contact us.