Here at Freedom Boat Club in Buford, we provide our boat club members with a wide selection of amazing boats to choose from. We have nearly every type of boat — from pontoon boats made to fit the whole family to great cruisers you can use to relax out on the lake. In today’s blog here at Freedom Boat Club in Buford, this is the first blog in our series that is going to go through the perks of each of our boat share boats. 

The very first boat we go over is the beautiful Regal 28 Cruiser. This 28-foot vessel is a shining example of how you can have a boat that is both functional and beautiful. Here’s why you should choose to reserve the Regal 28 Cruiser for your next boat club outing.

Seats up to six people

When we say that the Regal 28 Cruiser seats up to six people, we mean very comfortably. Technically, this boat falls under the yacht-certified rating, which means there isn’t a hard and fast number of people that the boat will accommodate. But, with six people, you would all have more than enough room on the 28-foot long vessel for people to spread out, be comfortable, and have plenty of elbow room leftover. 

Though it can accommodate many people comfortably, we at Freedom Boat Club in Buford believe the Regal 28 Cruiser really shines when there are just two people. There is a bathroom, a kitchen, and a bed all on board that makes this boat a perfect place to get away from it all for a little while. 

140 horsepower

While the Regal 28 Express Cruiser isn’t made for racing by any means, the 140 horsepower Mercury I/O engine should be more than enough to get the job done. With a full tank of gas and multiple people on deck, this boat should have no problem doing exactly what you ask of it. We think that this engine hits the sweet spot. When it comes to power, too much will make the boat feel twitchy and unruly, while too little will make it feel sluggish and boring. The 140 horsepower Mercury engine strikes the perfect balance for this boat to be exciting, but not make you feel nervous from the power it provides. 

Great for overnight 

As we mentioned above, the Real 28 Express Cruiser comes equipped with an onboard kitchen, bathroom, and bed. This makes it the perfect vehicle for a weekend getaway or maybe even a quick overnight trip. You can feel comfortable, relaxed, and detached — almost as if you had your own private island escape! There is nothing quite like camping out on the water for a weekend with the gentle waves of Lake Lanier lapping against your boat to give you a little perspective. 

Ready to reserve the Regal 28 Express Cruiser for yourself? Join Freedom Boat Club in Buford to get access to unlimited weekend getaways with the Regal 28 Express Cruiser — something you can only do with our boat club!