With only a few weeks left until school starts up, if you want to take your family on a fun-filled vacation on Lake Lanier in Georgia, then do it now before the school year starts. Spending time on Lake Lanier there’s not only a lot to do in the area, but it’s also relatively close to Atlanta with only 30 minutes of travel. However, at Freedom Boat Club, we bet you probably want to stay around the area to enjoy some time with your loved ones. With two locations, one in Buford and the other in Cumming, Freedom Boat Club is happy to say you’ll have a fun-filled vacation at each of our locations. Our Buford location is our older location and you can take advantage of choosing from a variety of boats that we provide. Our newer, second location, Cumming, is a little closer of a drive and you can also pick from pontoon or speed boats to take out onto Lake Lanier. For an enjoyable and relaxing vacation, come down to Freedom Boat Club to go boating and engage in other entertaining activities for the whole family.

Five Activities To Do Around Lake Lanier

At Freedom Boat Club, we provide an excellent boating experience; however, if you want to enjoy other activities we can provide those as well. If you’re going to stay in the Lake Lanier area for a few days, then it’s good to know what options you have available to you. Not only can you go boating around Lake Lanier, but you can also spend time fishing and hiking, as well as other activities you may enjoy doing. We know that the end of the summer can be difficult with sending children back to school and finishing up any vacations you’ve enjoyed being on. When you come down to Freedom Boat Club, you can enjoy one last hurrah before real life sets in and everyone has to disperse. Before the summer comes to a close, come visit us one last time or for the first time.


One of the options of activities to enjoy around Lake Lanier is hiking. Who doesn’t love an enjoyable hike, especially followed by a cooling swim afterward? Hiking around Lake Lanier can be an enjoyable time with the many different trails in the area. Depending on what you’re looking for, you’ll find hikes that are only a mile to a couple of miles long. Hiking is a great way to get some exercise while still enjoying time in nature. With several trails in the area, you can spend time hiking in the morning and then take a boat out from Freedom Boat Club.


Another fun activity to engage in is fishing. In some of our past blogs, such as Fishing Tips For Beginners – Part One, Part Two, All You Need To Know About Fishing In Lake Lanier, and Introduce Your Kids To Fishing With These Suggestions, we went over fun ways to enjoy fishing around Lake Lanier. One of the more popular activities is fishing around Lake Lanier because there are so many different types of fish and so many spots to settle in to enjoy some of those nibbles. Fishing is a fantastic activity for the whole family as well and is a great way to learn some life lessons. To learn more about our fishing spots, reach out to us and we’ll give you more information on the best places to cast a hook.


As a boating club, we very much encourage swimming as well. Swimming and boating go hand-in-hand and is a great activity to indulge in when you’ve spent the day boating, hiking, or fishing. With over 38,000 acres in Lake Lanier, there are 20 areas that are designated regions to swim in. Each of the swimming areas has their own attributes, which makes each one different than the next one. With parks and swim areas all around Lake Lanier, don’t forget to pack a swimsuit before you go out each day. You never know what the day may bring!


As a boating club, this is our favorite topic! Boating offers so much versatility, so you know you’ll always have a good time. You can choose to have a relaxing day or have a speedy one the next. You can have a picnic on your boat or you can find a fun little fishing area to spend time catching fish with the kids. When you come down to Lake Lanier, you can pick the marina you want to try out, but Freedom Boat Club is one of the best. If you don’t have a boat or want to try out a different vessel, we offer boat sharing, which is when you take your pick of a boat you want to take out without worrying about any of the hassle. You don’t have to think about the boating storage or maintenance when you join Freedom Boat Club. We have everything covered. All you need to focus on is having some fun while boating on Lake Lanier!


Another activity you can enjoy while visiting Lake Lanier is camping. Camping around Lake Lanier is beautiful, amazing, spectacular, and offers you a variety of what you may be looking for to have an enjoyable time. From luxurious lakeside location to a more primitive approach, you can find whatever type of camping experience you may be looking to have here. When you reconnect with nature, you can thoroughly enjoy your time away. Get away from technology, responsibilities, and real life when you go camping around Lake Lanier.

Are you interested in spending the remainder of your summer outside enjoying the beautiful weather? Then go down to Lake Lanier and enjoy some time exploring new opportunities. For any questions or concerns, contact Freedom Boat Club by filling out the form below.

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