Happy new years! Welcome to the year 2018! Even though it sounds quite futuristic, nothing much has changed except for your desire to have a new and exciting year. What’s neat about entering a brand new year is how you can approach it. For example, you’re able to make resolutions you want to keep all year round to make you the best version of yourself as possible. From deciding to exercise more to wanting to be more confident, this is your opportunity to put your best foot forward to live the life you’ve always wanted. If you disliked how much you gossiped this year, then this is your chance to make a difference. If you want to be more romantic in your relationship, then make that change. No matter what facet of your life you’re dealing with, it’s vital that you take this time to refresh your values and take a new approach to life. Even though not much has changed, your perspective has and that’s what makes entering a new year so exciting.

When it comes to boating, it’s vital that you decide to make some resolutions. No matter what your interests are, don’t you want to push yourself to be better and do better than the year before? For boating, don’t you want to try new things such as wakeboarding or learning to maneuver a new type of boat? At Freedom Boat Club, we strive to help you have a great time when you come to either of our two locations in Buford and Cumming.

What sets us apart from other boating clubs you may have considered joining is our customer service, variety, and the things to do around the Buford and Cumming areas. The boats we offer at our boat club are speed and pontoon boats, so you have the accessibility to a wide array of vessels. In addition, you don’t have to own your own boat to join our club. All you need is a membership to have access to our affordable alternatives. For more information, reach out to us.

New Year’s Resolutions To Keep For Those Who Love Boating

In today’s blog, we’ll be going over some great New Year’s resolutions you should incorporate into your life when you go boating this spring, summer, and fall. With the new year, you’re able to make some new choices that will put you on a path to becoming a more passionate boat lover. Even though boating in Georgia may be the last thing on your mind, these New Year’s resolutions are something you can look forward to when the weather warms up. These are just some of the resolutions you can try out in the year 2018. Remember to make a list and keep to it in 2018 about all the changes you want to make to your life.

Learn How To Water Ski

Did you ever want to learn how to water ski? Have you gone several years since the last time you stood up on water skis? Are you prepared to learn a new water activity? Water skiing can be very difficult if you don’t know how to maneuver your body to ensure that it stays upward when you’re being pulled behind a boat. Water skiing is an enjoyable activity that will change the way you feel about boating. In Tips For Water Skiing, we covered five things you should remember when you go out onto the water for the first time. Remember, when you go out onto the water, you should start strong and try to stay upward. It may take some time getting used to, but when you heard toward 2019, you’ll be able to brag about how you were able to learn how to water ski no matter your age.

Try A New Activity

Are you tired of doing the same thing when you go boating? With a little creativity, you can try something new instead of doing the same thing every time you go out onto Lake Lanier. Ask yourself what you’ve always wanted to try. Have you wanted to learn how to fish or try slalom skiing? Learning a new activity will add a little more excitement to your time out boating. In addition, learning something else you can do on the water can be fun because the whole group can get involved. You can ask your friends or family and see if they want to learn how to wakeboard or if they’ve always wanted to try out fishing. By getting a group together to go and try a new activity, you’ll have a lot more fun.

Wear More Sunscreen

Everyone should wear more sunscreen in the year 2018! It’s vital that you slather on lotion to protect yourself from the sun for many reasons such as keeping your skin from getting cancer and aging. If you don’t wear sunscreen, you’ll look older quicker and your skin can be too exposed to UVA rays, which can end up resulting in cancer. You don’t want to spend a new year worrying about whether you have skin cancer or a wrinkle that suddenly appeared on your face. In Important Facts To Know About Sunscreen, The Consequences Of A Sunburn On Your Skin, and How To Deal With A Sunburn, we went over why wearing sunscreen will help you have healthy and beautiful skin.

Learn Some Boating Language

If you really want to develop your passion for boating, then learn the language. This means gaining knowledge about each of the different areas of the boat and knowing exactly what they mean. You can learn as many boating terms as you want, but if you don’t know what they are referring to, then that doesn’t mean you’re actually becoming more educated on the language of boating. What’s neat about learning how to refer to different parts of the boat and how to maneuver a boat properly is that your passion for boating will develop. You’ll know a little more about how a boat works and you’ll have more fun by calling out the different terms when you are on Lake Lanier. In Glossary Of Boating Terms – Part One, Two, and Three, we go over what you need to know to learn the language of boating.

Try A New Type Of Boat

Lastly, thanks to Freedom Boat Club, you can take out a different type of boat onto Lake Lanier anytime you come visit us. From speed boats to pontoon ones, you’ll be able to have the time of your life no matter what vessel you want to go with. If you’re looking for a day with your loved ones that’s relaxing and filled with quietness, then take out a pontoon boat to float on the lake and fish. You could also have a day indulging in learning how to water ski or another type of fun activity. No matter what type of day you want to have on Lake Lanier, Freedom Boat Club has you covered with a variety of new and different boats you can take out.

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