In less than a week, July 4th will be upon us. Do you know what you want to do with your friends and family? Are you looking forward to eating delicious food from the grill? Do you want to lay back and relax without having to worry about anything? Perhaps, you want to spend your day off relaxing outside. After all, our ancestors fought hard for our country to be a free one, so you might as well take a load off and do something you like with your family.

Freedom Boat Club has a lot to offer for July 4th, but it has even more to offer for the rest of the year. When you become a member at our boating club, you can expect to have your pick of the boats that we offer, go to any Freedom Boat Club in the country, and only have to worry about a membership fee. Our boating club’s main goal is to ensure that you have a good time while on the water with a boat of your choice. Without having to worry about maintenance or storage, all you need to think about when you visit our boating club is what water vessel you’d like to take out with your family and friends.

Spend July 4th On Lake Lanier Doing These Fun Activities

What if we told you at Freedom Boat Club, you’d be able to indulge in exactly what you want? Not only can you relax and enjoy your time with your family, but you can see fireworks and indulge in some family fun. At our boating club, you can expect to enjoy your July 4th by doing exactly what you want. From spending time with your family to eating delicious grilled food, you can’t go wrong when you decide to go boating on Lake Lanier to celebrate 242 years of freedom. If you’re not sure what you want to do or you know kinda what you want to do, but want some ideas, then check out some things that are going on around Lake Lanier.

Check Out The Fireworks

Fireworks are a great American tradition on the 4th of July. Since the conception of America, fireworks have been a way to celebrate the day that allowed us to be free from Great Britain. The idea of setting off explosions on Independence Day is thanks to John Adams because he wanted to. Prior to signing the Declaration Of Independence, Adams foresaw celebrating with fireworks. For this reason, we celebrate with fireworks and this year, you can enjoy them on Lake Lanier. The fireworks this year will be the largest firework display in Northern Georgia and is one of the most well-known because it’s so magnificent. Come down to Lake Lanier to celebrate July 4th with some fireworks while boating.

Family Fun

If you need some family fun activities, then Freedom Boat Club has you covered. Family fun on Lake Lanier consists of all-day games, live entertainment, fireworks, and tasty food. You can come down to the park around Lake Lanier at 10 a.m. to start the festivities. You can spend the day boating on Lake Lanier and then go in the evening or you can split up the day however you like. What’s great about being in such close proximity to our boating club and these family fun activities is that you can spend your day the way you want and fit in every little activity.

Eat Delicious Food

Another great way to spend July 4th is by eating. Eating is a great pastime and what better way to enjoy July 4th than with tasty grilled food. Around Lake Lanier, there are some delicious food choices to eat. On July 4th, most people enjoy eating pasta salad, potato salad, hamburgers, hot dogs, bratwurst, tasty dessert, chips, and more. Your family probably has some traditions for what they eat every year on July 4th. This year you can enjoy some food that you absolutely love while going boating and watching the fireworks. On the other hand, you can check out some of the fun around Lake Lanier while indulging in some of your July 4th favorites.

Go Boating

Lastly, you can spend your July 4th going boating. Obviously, if you belong to our boating club, then you have access to our vessels anytime you want. However, there’s something about spending the day we celebrate freedom on a boat. You can sit back and relax, enjoy some cool beverages, spend time on water skis or an inner tube, or you can go fishing. What’s great about spending time boating on Lake Lanier is that you can get in everything you want. If you’re not 100 percent sure what you want to do this July 4th, then choose boating. Not only can you relax, but you can spend time with friends or family as well as watch some fireworks and eat tasty food.