In The History Of Pirates and The Female Pirate, we went over piracy in the past centuries both for female and male pirates. When you think of a pirate, you probably think of eye patches, parrots, cannons, and ships. You might think of Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson or Pirates Of The Caribbean series with Johnny Depp. However, even though Hollywood and novels have glorified the pirate, the life of piracy was not that fantastic and it was far from looking for treasure. Pirates were very popular in the 17th centuries and that period of time is frequently referred to as the Golden Age Of Piracy.

During the years 1650-1730, pirates were becoming more and more popular because of the amount of money a pirate could make. It was not about treasure, but weapons and other products from merchant ships. Pirates also became popular because they partook in commerce raiding and privateering. You might think that piracy died out by the turn of the century; however, there’s an influx of modern day pirates in today’s society. While you wait for the weather to warm up in Georgia, we’ll go over some information about modern day pirates to hold you at bay until you can go boating on Lake Lanier.

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Five Facts About Current Day Pirates

Do you want to learn about modern day pirates? If so, you’ve come to the right blog post. These five facts will give you a little more insight to a pirate’s life in the year 2018. Unlike the pirates of the past, they now have access to technology, faster boats, and more weapons. These facts will shed some light on what a pirate is like today and if they have the same motivation as their past counterparts. If you’re a fan of pirates, then hold on to your britches as we dip into these facts that will enlighten you to what a pirate goes through today.

Piracy Peaked In 2011

Did you know that piracy peaked in 2011? That’s about seven years ago, but that doesn’t mean that pirates are no longer around. It just means that piracy was a little more popular a few years ago. In The Economist, it was reported that an average haul for a ship was about $2.7 million. That’s a lot more than pirates used to make back in the day! Especially when each pirate gets between $30,000 and $75,000! If you have college debt, then with one ship, you can pay off all of your loans. That’s a lot of money for just one ship! In addition, when you add all of that money up with a ransom, you could be looking at millions of dollars for one pirate. However, the reason that piracy has peaked in 2011 is because ships are more alert of what’s going on on the waters and have more security. They know that a threat could take place, so piracy has declined as a profitable career within the last few years since it’s become more dangerous due to ships being on high alert.

The Geographic Areas Of Piracy

As we mentioned above, Somali pirates have appeared more and more in recent years. As you may already know, a few years ago there were Somali pirates who captured and held people for ransom. Most appearances of pirates are in isolated geographical areas, such as Somalia, especially with the political unrest in the area. Somali is an ideal area for lawless pirates, but there are also more pirates other than around Somalia. Pirates are in areas where merchants tend to travel as well as in areas where it’s easy to hide. They won’t be in the Atlantic or Pacific oceans because they are too big, but pirates have frequently been around the Red Sea, Indian Ocean, and around the waters near Indonesia and Singapore.

The Frequency

Piracy is actually a lot more popular in modern times as you might not have guessed. You may think that not many people are pirates because technology and security on ships have decreased the chances, but the frequency of piracy is a lot higher than what has been reported on the news. The ICC Commercial Crime Services has reported that there are on average between 20 and 30 incidents a month for crime. Piracy is also not all related to kidnapping and theft; however, that is a majority of what occurs on the ships that are taken.

Pirates Are High Tech

With the influx of technology in our society, pirates have also adapted to the high-tech lifestyle. You might not think high-tech when you hear pirates, but Somali pirates are using 21st century equipment such as GPS systems, night vision goggles, and satellite phones. In addition to these pieces of equipment, pirates are also using high-tech weapons that allow them to be better at robbing and boarding ships. These pieces of equipment are common for pirates now, especially because it makes it easier to locate shipping routes and figure out how to hijack a ship because of the information online.

Pirates Are A Part Of The Community

Our last fact about piracy has to do with the community. Pirates, as they have always been, are a part of the community. It might be surprising to find out that pirates get help from the community and vice versa, but pirates will give a percentage of the money they make back to the public. Similar to Robin Hood, pirates will give back to the community to help them build up hospitals, public schools, and other facets of a community to help create a stronger populace. The community helps so much, that there’s even a stock exchange for people to invest in the weapons and other products that are shared from the ransom.

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