Did you know that Labor Day is just around the corner? Have you started gearing up for a long weekend away from work? Do you want to take some time away from the area you live in for a mini-vacation? Are you ready to sit back and just relax for three entire days? We bet that you are ready to take a break! While the summer has been great and super fun, it’s always a benefit to sit back and enjoy a long weekend as the weather cools down.

Whether you’ve spent most of the summer traveling or you’ve been working for a majority of the summer, Freedom Boat Club has you covered when it comes to doing fun things for Labor Day weekend. While you may have your traditions, it can be fun to take a step back from spending every Labor Day with your neighbors and instead, opt for going boating on Lake Lanier. For some ideas on how to spend your long weekend, continue reading our boating blog, so you can get the most out of Labor Day.

Enjoy Some Labor Day Activities Around Lake Lanier

Labor Day is a time to spend with friends and family. It’s also a great time to sit back and relax as you go boating, barbecue, or just spend some hours catching up with people you haven’t seen in awhile. It’s the time of the year that some of us may come to dread because it signifies the end of the summer and the start of cooler weather. On the other hand, some may enjoy it because it signals the beginning of the fall season. However you feel about Labor Day, it’s important to have a good time and with these following suggestions, you can do just that.

See Some Fireworks On Lake Lanier

July 4th isn’t the only time to enjoy fireworks! Labor day is a great time to sit down on a comfortable picnic blanket and watch the fireworks. If you’re out boating that day, then we encourage you to sit down and watch the sky light up with a gorgeous show. Fireworks are a time to be enjoyed and even if you don’t want fall to start, you can still enjoy the beautiful colors in the sky.

You can see the fireworks on Lake Lanier on your boat or settle in to watch them on land, whatever you and your party prefer. Fireworks are thought to have originated in China as early as 200 B.C.E. the Chinese stumbled upon fireworks naturally when they roasted bamboo and it exploded into the air. This was continued because it was thought to keep away evil spirits. While fireworks are currently used for entertaining purposes, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t still scare a few people, animals, and maybe even a ghost or two.

Go Boating Before Reality Sets In

Obviously, as a boating club, we had to throw in celebrating Labor Day boating on Lake Lanier. Freedom Boat Club is one of the best boating clubs in the area because you’re able to enjoy just boating instead of all the hassles that come with getting on the lake. You just have to think about what to bring, snacks to pack, water to stock up on, and friends or family members to invite. As you go boating on Lake Lanier, you can forget about reality, expectations, and responsibilities. Just sit back and have a great time on one of the many boats that you can take out from Freedom Boat Club on Lake Lanier.

Do Some Barbecuing

If you want to focus on food for your holiday, then barbecuing has you covered. Barbecuing is so much fun and very delicious. Barbecuing actually goes back further than fireworks and just like the beautiful lights exploding in the sky, it’s just as enjoyable. It’s also a very versatile option no matter what types of eaters you have at your get-together. If you people who have eating restrictions at your barbecue, then don’t worry since there are so many ways to barbecue. Test your skills as a barbecue-ist by incorporating vegetables, meat, and faux-meat for those who follow a more restricted diet. One of the easiest ways to cook food, it also happens to be one of the tastiest

Check Out Fun Things To Do In The Area

What other things are there to do around Lake Lanier for Labor Day weekend? There’s more than you could even imagine. From swimming to festivals, you and your family or friends can spend your entire Labor Day weekend exploring everything there is to do around the Lake Lanier area. Whether you want to drive down to Atlanta or enjoy your time in Buford, GA, Labor Day weekend is a time to enjoy doing exactly what you want.

Do you want to join a boating club that provides everything for you? Do you want to avoid a headache when you’re preparing for some fun in the sun? Are you ready to just take some time off from work and reality? Whatever you have in mind for your Labor Day, you can find it at Freedom Boat Club because we have you covered when it comes to fun! Become a member today to go boating whenever your heart desires, whether you want to go alone or with other people! While summer is winding down, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some lingering days of warmth and boating on gorgeous Lake Lanier.