You always hear that fresh air is good for you, but how good is it? What are the many benefits of it and why is there such an emphasis on making sure to breathe in some fresh air? You probably already know that sunshine affects your moods because of vitamin D. However, did you also know how fresh air can help your body and your mind? Probably not, since it’s not focused on. No matter if the air is cold or hot, it can provide you with great benefits that range from helping your mood to your immune system.

Obviously, you know that breathing in fresh air is beneficial — there’s a reason that you’re cranky at the end of the day after sitting in an office all day — but what does it benefit? Vitamin D helps with moods and improving the immune system, but what’s so great about fresh air? While spending time outside can be extremely nice, can it really affect you that much? Let’s dive into our blog to find out how beneficial fresh air can be.

Five Benefits Of Breathing In Fresh Air

One of the ways that you can breathe in more fresh air is by going boating, plus it’s just plain fun. Whether you decide to go hiking, boating, or just to have a picnic outside, fresh air will do you some good. It’s not just advice from mothers or teachers to children or even bosses to employees to get out of the office and away from the computer more. Theres is actual scientific evidence that demonstrates that fresh air will do you some good. So in what ways can it help you body, mind, and your soul? These five benefits that we listed out can help paint you a picture of how exceptional taking some time out of your day and breathing in fresh air can be.

Fresh Air Makes You Happy

Did you know that just like vitamin D, fresh air can help improve your happiness? Fresh air can make you happier because you’re breathing more oxygen than you do inside. When you take in all of that fresh air, you’ll increase the amount of serotonin in your body. Serotonin, for those who don’t know, is the happy hormone. It’s produced when something great happens and it’s found in oxygen, so when you take in fresh air you’re increasing the amount of serotonin in your body. Taking in those huge deep breaths will make you feel happier because it gives you energy and can calm you down — two things that help you become and feel happier.

It Cleans Your Lungs Out

Fresh air, when it’s not polluted, will help you clean your lungs out. Your lungs can dilate when you increase the amount of oxygen in your air passages. Fresh air helps to improve and cleanse your lungs. When you exhale through your lungs, you’ll release airborne toxins from your body that cleans your lungs out. You’ll also notice when you breathe in and out that it feels fantastic. It will help to clear your airways and improve the cleansing action of your lungs. Now how can you beat that?

Fresh Air Improves Your Cardiovascular System

Many things help to improve your heart health. For instance, eating right, exercising, and breathing in fresh air. By taking in more fresh air, you’re helping your cardiovascular system. In fact, fresh air will improve your heart rate as well as your blood pressure. The fresh air when it’s not polluted by the surrounding environment will help to improve your blood pressure because of the amount of oxygen you’re breathing in. If you’d like to improve your cardiovascular system, then we encourage you to get into nature and away from the city.

It Clears Your Gut Out

Along with helping your cardiovascular system, fresh air also helps clean your gut out. Fresh air helps your digestive system and controls your weight. Fresh air will flow through your lungs and help you digest better and more effectively. By having a better and more efficient digestive system, you’ll find that you absorb the nutrients, which leads to losing weight. In addition to helping your digestive system, it will keep you energized. Instead of guzzling coffee or an energy drink before you head out onto the water to go boating, just take in some nature. Ninety percent of people will find that their energy levels are increased without that uncomfortable depletion that you may experience with caffeine.

You Can Expect A Stronger Immune System

Our last benefit of fresh air is how it strengthens the immune system. Fresh air will help to boost your immune system because of everything that you’re exposed to in the great outdoors. When you’re in close quarters such as at work, school, or even in the car, your immune system can be put in jeopardy because of how you’re cooped up without any airflow. Even just taking a simple walk around the block will help to increase the immune function. Increasing the amount of oxygen in the white cells from the great outdoors will fight as well as kill the germs and the bacteria.

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