At Freedom Boat Club, we obviously have a passion for boating. We love the smell of the lake, we relish that we can entertain so many people who love the water with our collection of boats, and we adore that we have created a community around a passion for spending time on the water. Additionally, we adore the opportunity that each person presents to us when they come to our boating club. Each member who joins our boating club is a new person who has a passion for boating, relaxing, and spending time in nature. Each person who shows an interest in joining our boating club is a new chance to introduce someone to the love of boating.

Our boating club isn’t just an affordable alternative to boat ownership™, but a place to come to so you and your family or friends can spend some time with each other engaging in water activities. We’re a boat club that relishes in giving people who are unable to afford their own boat a chance to rent one of their choosing and go onto Lake Lanier. With an abundance of boating options to pick from, you can enjoy a day of relaxing or a day filled with water activities.

Five Books To Read If You Love The Water

This love of boating has also carried into our personal lives as well. We don’t just live, work, and adore boating, we also love to read books that are centered around a passion for the water. Additionally, we love to read about others who share this passion for being on the water. Whether you adore being on the ocean, swimming in lakes, rafting on the river, or enjoying some time on the beach, these books are the perfect read for those who just want to learn more about aquatic life.

Reading these five books are a great way to get to know more about life on and under the water. “Moby Dick” By Herman Melville isn’t the only book that was written about the water. Even though it’s considered to be, “the greatest book of the sea ever written” there are still many books that are a great introduction to reading about aquatic life. If you haven’t had the chance to read Melville’s famous work, then take the time to dive into a book with characters who are enchanting and descriptions about the sea that are chilling to the bone; however, if you’ve already read this great piece of fiction, then you now have a few more books to consider when you want to settle in for a good story about life on and under the water. From fact to fiction, you’ll enjoy becoming more educated about people who love the water and the entire ecosystem in an area that many people have not journeyed to. Embrace a story about underwater living or about the sea while you enjoy boating across Lake Lanier.

“The Log From The Sea Of Cortez” By John Steinbeck

John Steinbeck is an American born author who has won the Nobel Prize In Literature for having writings that are, “…realistic and imaginative…combining as they do sympathetic humor and keen social perception.” He continues to be a great influence on American literature, especially with his 16 novels that revolved around living in America during some very difficult times.

One of Steinbeck’s lesser known stories is “The Log From The Sea Of Cortez.” This novel was published in 1951 and details a six-week boating expedition made in 1940 around various areas of the Gulf Of California, AKA the Sea Of Cortez. The boat follows a marine who is collecting specimen throughout the expedition with his friend, a marine biologist named Ed Ricketts. It is a piece of nonfiction and is regarded as a very pivotal work due to the involvement of the marine biologist. This is a narrative novel that will be enjoyed by people who like marine biology.

“The Old Man And The Sea” By Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway was an American novelist who gathered much of his inspiration from enlisting in World World War I. As a novelist and journalist, he had a very understated style of writing, which influenced many works of fiction during the 20th century. He wrote many novels centered around his experience in the war, as well as living in Europe and other places around the world.

In “The Old Man And The Sea,” Hemingway tells a story about a fisherman named Santiago who struggles with a marlin, which is a type of fish. Santiago, who is Cuban, is off the coast of Florida and is an aging fisherman. The novel was published in 1952 and it was the last work of Hemingway’s before his death. The story was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and is one of his most famous works. This novella is the perfect read for those who enjoy classic tales about the ocean.

“The Extreme Life Of The Sea” By Stephen R. Palumbi 

This is a more contemporary novel written by Stephen R. Palumbi. It is a work of nonfiction and is perfect for those who enjoy natural history and are adventure seekers. This book explores the most extreme parts of the ocean that have been discovered. This means the Arctic seafloor and steaming hydrothermal vents all across the ocean. In “The Extreme Life Of The Sea,” you’ll explore creatures that reside in the deep blue ocean. These creatures are rare, unique looking, and have hardly ever been seen by human eyes. The ocean is alive with many different species, and this book will take a look at those living in the hottest, coldest, and deepest ranges of the ocean. Marine life is filled with odd happenings and now you can take a peek into the realm of extreme species.

“The Silent World” By Jacques Cousteau

This novel is about the inventor of SCUBA diving. Jacques Cousteau was the father behind SCUBA diving and in his memoir, you can explore the unknown of the deep blue ocean. Written in 1953, this book was a collaboration between the Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Frederic Dumas. Written in English, despite being a French national, Cousteau and Emile Gagnan tested the first ‘aqua-lung” in 1943. In the book, Cousteau discusses the early days of SCUBA diving with his fellow diving partners and then details how he explored shipwrecks during excursions. The book was also made into a documentary and continues to be published over 50 years later. Additionally, when you read this book, you’ll explore the world beneath the surface by making your way to the bottom of the ocean where none have dared to trek previously. This book is for those who are adventure seekers and want to learn about the beginnings of SCUBA diving.

“20,000 Leagues Under The Sea” By Jules Verne

This work of fiction is for those who enjoy tales of adventures under the sea and science fiction. This work of fiction was published in 1870 by a French national, which turned into a science fiction classic. The book details the adventures of Captain Nemo’s ship called the Nautilus. The book is considered to be a story ahead of its time because it accurately describes submarines and other futuristic factors when the vessels during that time were still very much primitive. The book is one of the best novels about the ocean because it celebrates how free the ocean is, as well as the intricacies of human ingenuity.

Even though we’re coming to the end of the summer, you can always get a taste of water through these novels. For more information about boating and the water, continue to read our blog.

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