dreamstime_xxl_15730490As the temperatures stay in the high 80s and 90s, boating has never sounded like such fun! If you are going to take one last vacation before the kids start school, then try to make it a boating family vacation. At Freedom Boat Club at Lake Lanier, we are a boating club located in Buford, GA, that offers great alternatives to boat ownership. At Freedom Boat Club Lake Lanier, we have a variety of water activities for the whole family to choose from. As you get started on your water adventures, be sure to remember some basic tips for water safety for kids. Below are some tips to help your kids be safe in the water.

Tip One: Be A Good Example

This tip is a good one for not only water safety but in all facets of making sure your child behaves properly in public and other possibly dangerous circumstances, such as hiking or camping. Remember to set an example for your kids. Kids are best taught by their teachers, parents, or older siblings. To best teach a child, you need to be a good leader because they look up to you. If you are acting silly and dangerous while boating, then your child will follow your example — and it may be difficult to calm him or her down. Regardless of what you’re doing, your child will copy you, so remember, if you are being resistant to wearing a life preserver or you are hanging off the boat, then your child will think it’s okay to do the same. Just think about the time you said a bad word in front of your child and they continued to repeat it because they thought it was funny; the same goes for water safety.

Tip Two: Wear A Life Jacket

This one goes hand in hand with the above example. If you don’t wear a life preserver, why would your child wear one? Even though life jackets are uncomfortable and run the risk of messing up your tan, it’s very important to wear one — especially because if something happens on the boat and you hit your head, you are always safe with a life preserver. If you decide to put up a fight on wearing a life jacket, then your child will copy you, and it may be difficult to wrestle your kid into a life preserver. It’s best that everyone wears one no matter how good of a swimmer you are.

Tip Three: The Siblings

If you have older children or children that your younger ones look up to, then enlist them to help out. Younger siblings look up to their older ones because they want to be just like them. Older kids can also help out and be pseudo adults as well. The older siblings are an extra pair of eyes that will help you out when your back is turned or you’re driving the boat. The one thing you do have to be careful of is that the older siblings don’t ostracize the younger ones. Many times, it’s easy for older kids to get carried away and want to exclude the younger ones.

kid-riding-tube (1)Tip Fourth: Common Sense

Common sense is important in life — especially when you are out on the water. Practice sensible water safety while you participate in your water activities. If you know you are going boating and your children don’t know how to swim, then maybe enroll them in some swimming lessons. If want to make sure that everyone is safe, make them wear a life preserver. Another sensible procedure to practice is taking the keys out of the ignition when people are swimming in the water and always make sure that you are looking where you are going as you drive through the lake so there are no collisions.

Check out Freedom Boat Club at Lake Lanier today! It’s a fun place for water activities and more. Contact us today, and remember to practice water safety.