Are you looking for a vacation spot for the summer? Or what about taking that family vacation you’ve been talking about? Check out Freedom Boat Club, a freedom3boating club at Lake Lanier, and a great family vacation spot. We are a boating club that has a passion for the boating lifestyle and will make sure that you have a grand time. To ensure you have an amazing time at Freedom Boat Club at Lake Lanier, we want to share some water safety tips so you’re prepared when you come to visit. Here are five tips to keep in mind as you’re on the water:

Tip One: Common Sense

Common sense is something that you would think would be vital for boating. But all to often people need a reminder before they go to have fun and be safe. This is the most important boat safety tip on this list — use your common sense! Without common sense, there are more accidents than you would like to happen. Common sense entails, operating your boat at a safe speed (even speed boats), especially if it’s crowded. Stay alert and clear of larger vessels and restricted watercraft that have difficulties maneuvering. In addition, be aware of buoys and other navigational devices that will be in the water. Basically, keep and mind that while boating is great fun, it is important to boat safely.

Tip Two: The Weather

Be aware of the weather; check the TV, radio, and your phone’s forecasts to make sure that the local weather conditions are not going to spoil your day. If you notice a storm coming, dark clouds, vicious winds, and a sudden drop in temperature, it may be best to turn back toward shore or the docks to make sure that you are safe when the storm comes in.

freedom3Tip Three: Float Plan

Always be prepared for what is to come. Make sure that you and your family or friends are aware of the plan and your surroundings in case of an emergency. In addition, make sure that someone at our facility knows of your float plan. A float plan should include, name, address, and phone number of the leader of the boat. The phone numbers and names of all the passengers are also very important. That way if one person can not be reached, there are still a few more people to get in contact with. Communication devices are very helpful as well, like Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons, Personal Locator Beacons, and cell phones.

Tip Four: Life Jackets

This is a tip most people who’ve been boating several times have learned from the very beginning, but to reiterate the importance of life jackets, plesae remember to wear one. Make sure that you wear your life jacket fits properly as well. Assign a life jacket to each member of the boat and ensure that it properly fits before leaving shore. Remember not to take the jacket off!

Tip Five: Swimming

If you are going to be avidly going into the water, make sure you know how to swim. If you are older and don’t know how to swim, check out your local gyms, health clubs, or any other places a class might be offered in your area. If you have children, sign them up for classes to help them learn to swim either at summer camp or swim lessons through a neighborhood pool or another avenue. Remember, that you are never too old to learn how to swim! It’s better to be safe than sorry — especially if you’re going to be around water!

Remember water and boat safety and make sure that you keep an eye on everyone! Contact us at Freedom Boat Club at Lake Lanier today to make reservations at770-831-6082 or to become a member at404-901-4907!