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In our last blog post, we introduced the idea of living on a boat. Freedom Boat Club is the oldest and largest private membership boating club in Lake Lanier. As the affordable alternative to boat ownership, we offer our members access to our boats, from speed boats to pontoon boats and more, with no maintenance, storage, worry, or hassle. As members you can reserve any boat in our fleet, and enjoy the boating lifestyle right here in Buford.

We understand how much fun boating can be, but the cost was prohibitive to many people. Our boat share program allows more people to partake in the water that is so invigorating for so many. This love of spending time on the water may lead to a desire to spend more time on the water to the point you want to live on the water. In this blog series, we will explore the nuances of doing just that. Today, we’ll take a hard look at more things to consider before you decide to move onto the water permanently. Join our boat club today!



Space is one of the biggest deterrents of living on a boat, and one you’ll need to consider before diving in. There is just not that much space on a boat, and you’ll need to be prepared to lead a very minimalist lifestyle living on a boat.

Know how

How much do you really know about boating? If you are brand new to boating, deciding to live on a boat without any real experience is not recommended. You’ll need to be very competent at handling boats and being able to sail them if you are choosing a sailboat, or operate them if choosing a power boat. Floating homes are more vertical than horizontal and thus are more easily managed because of it. Furthermore, it is recommended that you choose a boat that can be safely handled by one person in case something happens to the other person. Knowledge about the water and your boat are key to living comfortably and safely on the water.

Understand the Costs of Living on a Boat

Many people want to live on a boat to save money for other activities in their lives. While, in general, living on a boat is much cheaper than living in the city, there are still ongoing costs to consider. After all, your boat is your home. As such, some of the fees you should expect include:

  • You will need insurance to protect it in case of a storm or a fire.
  • You may need to pay property taxes, depending on what type of boat you own and where you are mooring it.
  • There are anchorage and mooring fees, which do at least include access to amenities, such as showers, bathrooms, and laundry facilities.
  • Slip fees can be charged on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or longer, with liveaboards possibly having to pay a higher fee. Some marinas include utilities with this fee; some do not.
  • HOA fees may be charged that cover utilities and moorage upkeep. Privately owned docks will have their own fees.
    Expect to pay for utilities separately if you are permanently connected to utility services. Cable, internet, electricity, gas, water, and sewage will all need to be paid for.
  • Your boat must be maintained on an ongoing basis. After all, it is sitting in the water all year long. Sometimes, you may have to dry dock your boat for extensive repairs. Owning a boat is very similar to owning a home in terms of upkeep and maintenance costs.


Freedom Boat Club began with the mission to bring the sport of boating to more people by taking away the expense and hassle of owning a boat. By paying a small monthly fee, we are able to care for and store boats for use when you need them with no hassle or worry to you. You can instead focus on connecting with friends and family and forming memories to last a lifetime.

We understand the allure of the water, which is one of the reasons we wanted to share the sport of boating with you. We also understand very well the maintenance requirements of a boat. Owning a boat is a big responsibility, as is deciding to change your lifestyle to boat living. However, with careful research and perhaps a spin on one of our overnight boats here at Freedom Boat Club in Buford, you will make the right decision for you. Check out the newest addition to our fleet, the Regal 28 Cruiser, that can accommodate four to six people very comfortably, which is perfect for an overnight stay. Contact us today to learn more about our boat share program!