Even though autumn is approaching faster than anyone wants it to, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t revel in the cooler weather and the changing trees. It’s always nice to have the weather change after so much heat. However, autumn hasn’t fully kicked in yet — hopefully, that means winter will take its time to arrive — so you can continue enjoying what’s left of the summer.

Fall is full of football, pumpkins, family-fun holidays, and beautiful foliage; however, you can still enjoy the longer days of summer and the cooler nights. With there just a few weeks of summer left to take advantage of, we have a few methods that you can implement into your weekends to enjoy the last few sunshine-y rays of summer before the benefits of fall.

Continue To Enjoy Boating All Year Round When You Go In The Autumn

Even though we’ve passed Labor Day and summer is ending in a few weeks, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the last remaining days of summer. Sooner rather than later, the weather will be cooler and the days will be shorter, so it’s best to take advantage of the summer before it turns into autumn and then the dreaded winter.

When it comes to a boating club, you may not think that you can enjoy being on the water that much longer. However, with these tips, you can go boating in autumn just as much as in the summer and maybe enjoy it even more.

Perfect Temperatures To Enjoy Time On The Water

Unlike the summer, the autumn time can have some of the best temperatures of the year. You can still take advantage of the long days of summer, but you also have cooler temperatures. The end of the summer, while sad, can be exceptionally comfortable. The weather outside is perfect because you won’t get groggy and hot because of the UV rays.

Additionally, you won’t get burnt out metaphorically and physically while out boating. When you’re out on the water, with no intention of swimming, you might notice how much hotter you feel because of the UV rays that reflect off the deck and water’s surface. In the fall, you can enjoy the lower temperatures and the more moderate exposure to the sunshine. If you dislike sitting outside in the sun, then fall might just be the best time for you to head onto the water to go boating.

The Beautiful Wildlife Can Be Seen Now

Now that the sun isn’t blistering in the sky, you might be able to enjoy some wildlife. The entire state of Georgia is filled with a variety of wildlife. For example, the state mammal in Georgia is the White-tailed Deer and the marine mammal is the Right Whale. While you won’t see any Right Whales in Lake Lanier — at least not that we know of — you will see birds, fish, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. When you go boating, due to the lower temperatures, you will be more likely to see some wildlife. Fall can be the best time to see wildlife because of the change in temperatures.

The Best Fall Fishing Is Done In Fall

We have wrote several blogs about fishing. For more information about fishing in Lake Lanier read The Catch And Release Fishing Rules In Georgia, Essentials For Your Fishing Tackle Box, The Basics Of Fishing In A Lake, and Fishing Tips For Beginners – Part One and Two. These are just some of the blogs that you can read to get to know fishing in the Lake Lanier area. However, when it comes to fishing in the fall, it can be one of the best times to go because of how beautiful it is and how active the fish are. When the temperatures drop a bit, it’s more comfortable to sit outside and wait for that big catch. The lower temperatures also help to keep the fish moving because of the change in the water.

More Space On the Water

With the kids back in school and families more concentrated on day-to-day activities, it can be much easier to take the boat out on the water and not have to worry about space. Many times during the summer, it can be extremely busy on the waters. Parents want to expose their children to the water and friend groups are out on the water having a great time, so it tends to be a bit louder and more rambunctious than it is during other times of the year. With the summer coming to a close, the waterways are much more spacious and less crowded. You can enjoy spending long days on the water and just taking in the peaceful sounds surrounded by nature instead of listening to kids screaming.

The Gorgeous Foliage

Georgia is one of the most beautiful states to enjoy the fall. While it’s a state known for its heat, that doesn’t mean that the fall isn’t absolutely gorgeous. No matter where you’re located in Georgia, you can enjoy the foliage. The backdrop of the leaves changing against the water of Lake Lanier is breathtaking and something that you should take the time to see. One of the most peaceful times on Lake Lanier can be the fall time because of how everything seems to lull as you soak in the beautiful panoramic views of Georgia.

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