In every state, there are laws to protect the wildlife. Some states are much more lenient when it comes to fishing than others, but the one thing that all states can agree on is the catch and release rules. Catch and release rules allow for recreational fishing to preserve the environment. This method of conservation allows you to have fun while maintaining the population of fish in the area. Catch and release laws are different in every state, so it’s important that if you’re vacationing around Lake Lanier to have some fun at Freedom Boat Club and that you take the time to learn the rules. If you have any questions about fishing, then talk to our staff at our boating club.

General Fishing Regulations

General fishing regulations cover everything from the freshwater game species daily limits to the lures that you should use. When you use lures, you’ll want to use ones that are made out of natural materials. This can include anything from hair to metal and even tinsel. It’s important that the lures that you use aren’t contaminated with chemicals or scents to attract the fish. For other general fishing regulations in Georgia, you’ll want to dive into seasons and length limits for fish.

The Seasons For Fishing

Yes, there are proper and improper seasons for fishing. While you probably don’t want to go fishing in the winter time, it’s important that you know when it is closed season for fishing in Georgia. In freshwater fishing, there’s no closed season, but there are rules and regulations you need to follow to preserve the wildlife.

Trout Season

Around Lake Lanier there are trout, so it’s important to pay attention to what you can and cannot fish. Fortunately, because trout are so popular in this area, any waters that have trout in them are designated all year round. This means that you can go fishing for them whenever you please, even if it’s snowing outside. There is also no limit length for trout except if you’re fishing in Waters Creek or Noontootla Creek.

Noodling Or Grabbling

Between the dates of March 1 – July 15, noodling and grabbling season is open. Statewide and only in freshwater, you have the opportunity to fish in open season for catfish. Keep in mind that even though catfish is delicious, especially in Georgia, it’s important that you toss the fish back in once you’ve caught it to conserve the population.

The Length Limits

When it comes to the length limits in the fish you catch, it’s important that you abide by the laws to maintain the schools. In freshwater, the fish you catch has no minimum length limits unless we have listed them in our blog as exceptions. If the fish on this list are shorter than the minimum length, then you’ll need to send them back into the freshwater.

Largemouth Bass

If you catch a large bass that’s 12 inches in the State of Georgia, then you can keep it. However, if you catch a largemouth bass that is in:

  • Lake Blackshear: 14 inches
  • Lake Lanier: 14 inches
  • Lake Oconee: 14 inches
  • Lake Walter F. George: 14 inches
  • West Point Reservoir: 14 inches

Shoal Bass

The Shoal bass, just like the largemouth bass, has a limit as the to the length you need to send them back. The lengths and the locations are listed below:

  • Flint River and its tributaries (below Warwick Dam): 12 inches
  • Flint River and its tributaries (above Warwick Dam): 15 inches
  • Lake Lanier: 14 inches

Spotted Bass

The only length and location requirement listed below is in Lake Lanier.

  • Lake Lanier: 14 inches

Recommended Reading

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