The official first day of summer is just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t already get a head start on boating on Lake Lanier. At Freedom Boat Club, we have a variety of boats that you can choose from. From speed boats to get you across the lake quickly to pontoon boats to allow you to relax, we have everything that you can imagine when it comes to boating. To help get you geared up for summer, we’re going to provide you with some information about pontoon boats. In today’s blog, we’ll be sharing with you the different types of pontoon boats you can take out on Lake Lanier. From fast to family-friendly, we have you covered. The best part is that we offer a majority of these pontoon boats at Freedom Boat Club. If you’d like to learn more about our memberships or why joining our boating club is beneficial, then contact us.

The Different Types Of Pontoon Boats To Take Out Onto Lake Lanier This Summer

At Freedom Boat Club, we understand that you probably want to spend your summer in a variety of ways. They may range from having fun on a boat to participating in water activities. Whatever you may be looking for in a pontoon boat, we’re quite sure we can provide it. Each pontoon boat can offer you something a little different. Some are made specifically for reservoirs while others are for inland lakes and rivers. So what can you expect from a pontoon boat? Let’s dive in to find out below.


The first type of pontoon boat we’re going to explore today is a performance one. The performance pontoon has a lot of horsepower at the stern. This type of pontoon boat is known as a rocketoon, which can have up to 900 ponies. Faster than many pontoon boats, the turns when using this pontoon boat are thrilling and exciting. You’ll be able to zoom all around the lake and have a grand old time while enjoying some fun in the sun.


Do you want to participate in watersports this summer? Are you interested in spending your summer wakeboarding, water skiing, and tubing? The watersports pontoons have enough horsepower to pull boards, skis, and inner tubes behind you. This high horsepower boat generally has a pole or a mount behind it that are specifically used to ensure that a summer of watersports is possible.


If you want to spend your day in comfort, then the luxury pontoon boat is exactly what you need to take out onto Lake Lanier. The luxury pontoon boat put an emphasis on comfort. With buttery upholstery, a spacious atmosphere, and a fast engine, you’ll be able to lean back and enjoy some summer sun as you hang out on Lake Lanier. The huge chaise lounges will offer you and your family or friends relaxation that you’ve never experienced before.


If you’re a fisherman or woman, then you’re probably looking for a pontoon boat that allows you to enjoy a day of fishing this summer. On Lake Lanier, we have a variety of fish that you can catch. Remember to check out The Catch And Release Fishing Rules In Georgia to learn more about the regulations and what types of fish you can catch in this area. If you’re interested in learning how to fish, then we also encourage you to read Fishing Tips For Beginners – Part One and Part Two. A fishing pontoon boat is slower, but it’s no less fun since you’re able to spread out all of your fishing gear.

Family Fun

If you have a larger family or a large group of friends, then the family fun pontoon boats are perfect to take out. These incomparable pontoon boats are great for pets as well if you refuse to leave Fluffy at home. Family Fun pontoon boats are seen as the SUV of the lake since it can fit everyone while still being relaxing. If you want a spacious and comfortable lounge area, then this pontoon boat is perfect, especially when you have that large family that you love to spend time with.


Lastly, there are the value pontoons. The value pontoons are solid, enjoyable, and easy to maneuver. They are capable of many different activities while still going fast and being comfortable. If you want a high valued boat, then we strongly encourage you to try out one of our value pontoon boats such as the Harris pontoon boat.

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