We are proud to offer an assortment of speed boats that will provide you with a boating experience that’s incomparable. In The Types Of Pontoon Boats, we went over the pontoon boats you can expect to find at Freedom Boat Club. Recently, we upgraded our water vessels to offer our members a little something more. While our older boats are a treat to take out onto Lake Lanier, sometimes you just need something a little different and these boats can afford you some versatility.

We pick our boats based on what our guests would like to go boating on. For example, if you’re a guest who enjoys amazing water vessels that are luxurious and fast-paced, then we have a wide selection of boating options for you. If you have a large family and you’d like to make sure every single person is on the boat, then we have boats that can offer you just that. For more information on our boats and what we can offer you, contact our boating club.

The Speed Boats You Can Take Onto Lake Lanier

We offer two types of boats at Freedom Boat Club: the speed and pontoon boat. In today’s blog, we’re going to go over the speed boats you can take advantage of when you come to our boating club. It’s important to note that you’ll get a little of something out of these two types of boats. Whether you want a fast vessel or you’d like something a bit slower, our boats are meant to meet your expectations. The speed boats that we offer aren’t just normal vessels either.

Each of the boats we offer will provide you with a different experience. If you’d like to stay the night on Lake Lanier, then the Regal 28 Express Cruiser is one that you’ll love. If you’d like to enjoy water skiing or wakeboarding, then the Regal 2100 Bowrider is the perfect choice. With dozens of boats, we broke it down for you to ensure you’re choosing the right boat for your adventure on the water.

Regal 28 Cruiser

The Regal 28 Cruiser is a 28-foot boat that can fit up to 10 people. If you’d like to stay the night on this boat, this is an option due to the cabin. Then you can comfortably fit four to six people who can sleep in it. If you are going on a mini-vacation with your friends or family members, then this watercraft is a great choice. With a cabin that has a bathroom, kitchen, and a bed, you’ll be able to enjoy everything the Regal 28 Cruiser can offer you for a long weekend on the water. With an engine that’s 140 HP Mercury I/O, the Regal 28 Cruiser can accommodate your needs. Additionally, the deck will provide you with a view of the lake that’s unbeatable.

Regal 2100

The Regal 2100 Bowrider is a 21-foot boat that will comfortably fit six of your closest friends or family members. Whether you have a large family or an intimate group of friends, the Regal 2100 Bowrider will comfortably fit all of you. In addition, the engine is unsurpassed. This 240 HP Volvo I/O has a wakeboard tower that will offer you the ability to participate in water activities. If you’re looking for a boat with some serious power, then the Regal 2100 Bowrider is perfect. You can also put down the anchor and enjoy the Bluetooth Stereo or the AM/FM Stereo for a little dance party. Now, how can you beat a speedy boat and a dance party?

Regal FasDec

Are you looking for a boat that’s powerful with momentum? The Regal 2200 Fastback Deck Boat is for you and your family or close friends. This eight person boat is not just fast, but the features are unmatchable. Whether you’re looking to participate in watersports with wakeboarding, water skiing, tubing, or another activity, the Fastback will afford you just that. This 22-foot boat is large enough for you and your fellow boaters to relax on as well. With the Bluetooth Stereo and a swim platform, you can turn the tunes up as you enjoy cooling off on this vessel.

Regal 2300

Our last vessel is a 23-foot bowrider. The Regal 2300 Bowrider is a speed boat that will not run out of gas due to the large 50 gallon tank. This speed boat has a cabin, so you can enjoy some comfort by sitting back and taking in the sites or you can zoom from one end of the lake to another as the wind whips through your hair. The Regal 2300 is a spacious boat with room for 10 passengers, so all of your closest friends or family members can enjoy the trip. Enjoy water sports with this fast boat or lean back and watch the sites around Lake Lanier as you speed across the water.

The Features You Can Expect With These Speed Boats

Our speed boats have unmatchable features. If you’d like to anchor and put on some tunes or you’d like to jump in to cool off from one of the swim platforms, each of our speed boats can offer just that. Each of the models we offer at Freedom Boat Club has a swim platform, wake tower, and stereos that are AM/FM and Bluetooth. There are also power outlet plugs, depth finder, ladders, and a bimini top to cool off. If these features sound right up your alley, then book one of these boats today, so you can enjoy a boating adventure on Lake Lanier.