Are you looking for something new to do for your family vacation? Are you tired of the same old family vacation? Do you want something new and innovative? Do you need an idea for a family vacation or for a fun couples weekend? If you’ve never been boating, then you’re severely missing out on a good time. With a combination of water fun, delicious treats, great people, and bonding time with the best people you know, you can’t go wrong on this trip. When you go out boating, you’re able to spend time with your loved ones while enjoying the many benefits of being on a boat. There are many different great reasons to go boating, starting with the health benefits of boating and ending with the fun you and your family or friends will have as you zoom around the lake.

When you join Freedom Boat Club, you’ll even be able to go boating as much as you want. There are a great many facets to boating with the many water activities and bonding time you’re able to spend with people you love. The best part is that boating is a legitimate family or friend group vacation because you are able to bond without any interruptions. Become a member at Freedom Boat Club and enjoy boating every weekend.

Five Tips For the First Time Boater

When you go out boating you have a few rules you need to follow. Whether you’re going out in the summer or the fall, you need to know the proper boating safety rules to ensure everyone on your boat is safe. Read Safety Tips For Boating, Practice Water Safety With Children, Boating Safety In The Fall, and Boating In The Winter to stay safe during any time of the year. In addition, we put some great first time tips together for you to ensure you are able to have the best boating experience for your first time. Follow these useful five tips to help you navigate your boating adventure. For any questions please reach out to us.

Tip One: Overdress

No matter what time of year it is, make sure to overdress instead of underdress. This is a good life lesson to live by because when you take the time to overdress, you’re never uncomfortable. Even if it’s extremely hot outside and you only want to wear your bathing suit with a light shirt over it, it’s best if you overdress. It’s always colder on a body of water than on land because of the water effect. If you are going boating on Lake Lanier, then you’ll experience lake effect. Lake effect essentially means that the air is colder because of the air moving along a body of water. Generally, the air is colder than the water, which is what makes lake effect. Due to this, you are better wearing many different layers to ensure you are warm and don’t catch a cold. Remember the weather on the water is generally different than on land, so even though it might be warm on land, that doesn’t mean the temperature on the water is different. Try to wear at least a sweatshirt or bring one with you, especially after you get out of the water.

Tip Two: Slow

Go slowly, just like when you learned to drive, make sure to drive the boat slowly. Remember the first time you learned to drive a car? Do you remember how uncomfortable you felt behind the wheel? This is pretty much the same thing. You need to go slow, especially, when pulling out of the dock. When you pull the boat out of the dock, you don’t want to knock against anything and accidentally damage the boat or the dock. If you don’t feel comfortable pulling out of the dock, just take a deep breath and remember to go slowly. There’s no need to race out of the dock; take your time, just like when you first began to drive. Essentially driving a boat and a car are very similar, you just need to feel comfortable in it before you can begin to go faster. Take the time to test the boat and don’t rush anything.

Tip Three: Don’t Overload

Don’t overload the boat with too many things. You don’t want to put too many things on the boat and make it unstable. Take the time to effectively load the boat and not take every single thing with you. You just need the essentials such as water, snacks, sunscreen, hats, clothing layers, towels, a cell phone, some water activities, and the people you enjoy being around. Make sure to know the specific passenger capacity of the boat you’re taking out as well, so you are aware of the amount of people that will fit. Check out some of our boats to get a good idea of our selection and which is best for you.

Tip Four: Bring Water

Water, water, water. You might be surrounded by water, but don’t go anywhere without a few bottles of water for your trip. Make sure you have a bottle of water for each person on the boat. You don’t want anyone to become dehydrated while on your boating adventure. To avoid dehydration make sure that everyone has a bottle of water for them and then bring a few extras just in case. Dehydration is serious, especially on a boat. You’re out in the sun all day, and it’s easy to get dehydrated because you forget you should be drinking water when you’re having fun. If you have young kids on the boat, make sure to have them drink water periodically as well to eliminate any dehydration episodes.

Tip Five: Bring Snacks

In addition to bringing water, make sure to bring food. There are many great foods to bring on a boating trip. Keep in mind the foods you bring out on a boat should be able to be out for a long period of time. Bring chips, cut up vegetables, sandwiches, anything that will ensure that everyone is full and not looking for food. If you’re out on the boat for several hours, you’re going to want to bring enough food for everyone on board while leaving a little extra for those who may get hungry later. Take some time to pack a sufficient amount of food, especially if you have young children, so you can eliminate any complaining that might take place. Remember you’re on a boat, so bring enough food where you won’t have to run back to shore because of an underfed person.

Start your own boating adventure, and become a member Freedom Boat Club for a great price. We look forward to providing you the best boat for your first boating excursion.