In our last blog, Tips For First Time Boaters – Part One, we went over some basic first time tips for people who are just starting to get into boating. If you’ve never been boating, make sure you read our blogs to ensure you practice boating safety and have the most fun possible on your water adventure. Boating is a great activity to bond with your family and for the many health benefits boating includes. Read A Few Health Benefits Of Boating – Part One and A Few Health Benefits Of Boating – Part Two to learn the many health benefits boating can provide for you and your family or friends. Each of these blog posts will also detail why you should take the time to boat as much as possible. Freedom Boat Club is one of the best places to begin your boating excursion because it’s the perfect place for family vacations and vacations as a couple. If you’re looking for vacation ideas for your family or even for a gorgeous honeymoon, check out Freedom Boat Club. When you join Freedom Boat Club, you’re able to maintain your health and take advantage of the many benefits we are able to offer you and your family, friends, or significant other. We have an abundance of boats to choose from, and when you’re a member with us you’re able to pick the boat of your choice and take it out onto Lake Lanier. Furthermore, when you become a member at our boat club, you’re able to visit any Freedom Boat Club in the entire country to get out on the water. If you’re a first time boater, then hold onto your hat as we give you some of these tips to ensure your boating experience is the best possible. To become a member at Freedom Boat Club, call us.

Five Tips For the First Time Boater

We put together five additional boating tips for the first time boater so you’re able to have a safe and exciting boating excursion. Some people are able to boat when they’re little, and others must wait until they are adults; regardless of the age, everyone will have fun. Boating the first time is exhilarating, fun, and you’ll wonder why you never began to boat earlier in life. It might seem scary, especially if you’re the driver, but boating will help you relax and find the inner peace you need to rejuvenate yourself, your family, and your friends. If you want more tips for boating read, Tips For First Time Boaters – Part One. Remember to practice water safety as well and read Safety Tips For Boating and Practice Water Safety With Children. For more boating tips, read our blog.

Tip Six: Take A Cell Phone

The thrill of leaving your cell phone behind and disconnecting from the world might be beguiling, but remember if there’s an emergency you won’t be able to reach anyone. A long time ago, when cell phones first came around they were used primarily for emergencies. Do you remember giving your children or your parents giving you a cell phone in case of an emergency? This is the same thing: only use your cell phone in case of an emergency. If you take away the fancy apps, the internet, the camera, and everything else a cell phone can do now, you’re left with a telephone that can help you out of a jam. If your boat runs out of gas, which happens often similarly to a car when you don’t fill up the gas tank, without a cell phone you won’t be able to call for help. As tempting as disconnecting from work and other stressful areas of life can be, make sure you at least bring one cell phone to ensure that if there is an emergency, everyone onboard will be safe. You can always put your phone on airplane mode until you need it.

Tip Seven: Don’t Underestimate Waterproof Bags

Even though you should bring a cell phone with you on the boat while you’re trying to relax, you don’t need to be on it the entire time. Instead of keeping your phone in your pocket or somewhere easily accessible so you can check it constantly throughout the time you’re supposed to be relaxing, put it in a plastic bag or a waterproof bag. Not only will you protect your phone, but you’ll also be able to stay off it the entire time you’re out on the boat with your family and friends. We encourage you to put away your cell phone and any other items you don’t want to lose or get wet such as keys, wallets, and jewelry. When you put your valuable items in a plastic bag or waterproof bag, you’ll be able to protect your items without worrying about them getting damaged or lost. We encourage using waterproof bags because you can put more in there, and it’s better for the environment than plastic.

Tip Eight: Check Weather Reports

Before you head out onto the water, take the time to check the weather reports. Keep in mind that weather reports aren’t always correct and it can vary because of the weather on Lake Lanier being different due to lake effect. To be sure of what to wear and the weather while you’re on the boat, make sure to check the weather reports despite the two aforementioned attributes. When you check the weather, you’ll be able to dress correctly by staying warm or cool throughout the day or night, and you’ll be able to avoid heading into a storm or unfortunate weather. Try to refrain from going out into a storm or even rain on a boat; you can always reschedule for a new day of boating.

Tip Nine: Bring Towels

Whether you’re going into the water or not, it’s best to bring towels. Depending on the weather, if you don’t bring towels someone is liable to get sick. If you’re planning on going into the water or if someone falls overboard, you’re going to need a towel to dry off. You might be rolling your eyes at this tip because of course you’re going to bring towels, but many people forget towels, or they figure they can sun dry instead of bringing one. It might also be too much to carry because of the many people onboard, or you don’t even consider bringing a towel because you’re preoccupied. To ensure that everyone stays healthy and dry, make sure you have a towel for everyone onboard. If you don’t bring a towel and someone ends up in the water either swimming or by accident, they can easily catch a cold.

Tip Ten: Take The Time To Get To Know The Gears

Driving a boat is like driving a car. If you don’t take the time to know the gears and become familiar with each and every one, it can be daunting to get behind the wheel and drive your family or friends away from the dock and into the water. Take the time to get to know each of the gears before you take the boat out onto the water. Each of our boats is a little different and can do something dissimilar. If you’re a first time boater, ask one of our knowledgeable staff members about the gears, and take the time to learn what each gear does. The gears on a boat might look scary because you’re unfamiliar with them, but remember that driving a boat is like driving a car. Remember, you can ask any of our staff members for questions. Our staff is friendly and personable and are able to aid you in any of your needs.

We look forward to you becoming a member. To ask any questions about membership, our boats, or our boat club, call (404) 901-4907.