One of the best activities you can do on the water is wakeboarding. This lesser-known water activity is very similar to skateboarding on land and can be a lot of fun. While it takes some time to feel comfortable on the wakeboard, you shouldn’t feel discouraged if you don’t get it on the first go. At Freedom Boat Club, we have boats that have wakeboard towers on them, so you can enjoy this water activity. Even though water skiing gets a lot of the attention, wakeboarding can be a little easier for those who are not used to water sports. If you’re interested in increasing your wakeboarding skills, then become a member of our boating club. Not only can you come to visit whenever you want, but you can also take out a boat of your choice. Additionally, if you’re a member of our boating club, then you can visit any Freedom Boat Club in the country. Become a member today and spend the summer boating.

Five Tips For The Wakeboarder

In today’s blog, we’ll be going over some tips for those who are just beginning to participate in wakeboarding. Wakeboarding can be easier than water skiing, but that doesn’t mean that it’s completely easy. To help you know what needs to be done so you can be a better wakeboarder, we supplied a few tips and tricks to try the next time you go wakeboarding on Lake Lanier.

Prepare To Feel Embarrassed

Being a beginner in any water sport can be embarrassing. It’s like riding a bike; you’re going to fall down a lot. In this case, you’ll be falling into the water and feeling like you’ll never get it. Don’t give up! It’ll hurt and be uncomfortable, but eventually, you’ll get the hang of it. Don’t give up after trying it one time. Additionally, it’s only water, so while it’ll sting, it won’t hurt as much as crashing into solid Earth. Every person who is just beginning a sport should be prepared to feel embarrassed. You’ll fall a lot, probably on your face, but once you do get it, you’ll feel so proud of yourself for finally accomplishing wakeboarding.

Your Arms Will Hurt

Another tip to keep in mind is that your arms are doing a lot of the work while you’re on the water. You’ll need to use your arms to pull yourself up when you start off and they will get tired quickly. With many beginner wakeboarders, you’ll feel very uncomfortable with how much your arms hurt. Once you pull yourself up to stand on the water, you’ll need to hold on to the ropes. At first, they may not bother you, but after a few minutes, they’ll begin to ache. As a beginner wakeboarder, this is to be expected. Over time, your arms will become stronger and more used to being pulled by a boat. While there’s no secret to avoid your arms hurting, you can at least prepare for it before you get onto the water.

Use A Short Rope When You Start

There are many different types of ropes that can be used for wakeboarding. However, a short one is preferred for those who are just beginning wakeboarding. A short one is easier for beginners to use because standing up is a lot more simple. The shorter a rope is, the easier it is to stand up. A short rope means that the wakeboarder is in the narrow portion of the wake and it can be easier to stand up and maneuver on the water. A longer rope is generally used by wakeboarders who are more experienced and want to go higher in the air for tricks and to gain more speed. A beginner rope that’s 30 to 50 feet is the best for wakeboarders who are just starting out.

Keep The Handle At Hip Level

Our fourth tip has to do with the level you want to keep the rope at. It’s best that you keep the handle of the rope at your hips when you’re a beginner. This advice will help keep you from face planting…again. By keeping the role at your hip level and as close to you as possible, you’ll be able to control the rope better and how you’re moving on the water. Many wakeboarders who are just beginning will hold the handle high, but this will cause you to be unbalanced. Before you get on the water, you can also practice holding the handle to ensure you are balanced.

Try The Beginner Stance

Lastly, you’ll want to try the stance for beginning wakeboarders. The beginning stance for wakeboarders helps you to navigate and control the board. It also makes it easier to avoid falling. The best stance for beginners is one where you are aligned at zero degrees. The back binding will be as far back toward the end of the board as possible. The rider’s weight will press right on the top of the rear fin and the front binding should be between 15- and 27-degree angle while being pointed toward the front of the wakeboard. This stance will help you feel more comfortable while wakeboarding.

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