types of liveaboard boats

In our on-going blog series, we’ve been talking about living aboard boats. This is a trend that is growing as more and more people are seeking adventure and freedom aboard the open seas. Furthermore, with the lower costs and internet availability, this option of living on board boats is now a viable one for many.

Freedom Boat Club in Lake Lanier is the best boat club. We offer our members access to a variety of boats, from speed boats to pontoon and family boats, without the hassle of maintenance or storage. You simply pay a monthly fee, reserve your boat, and enjoy a day or two or three with your friends and family without having to worry about caring for the boat. We do the not-so-fun part for you, so you can form memories for a lifetime.

When looking into becoming a “liveaboard,” or someone who lives aboard their boat, you’ll need to decide what type of liveaboard boat you desire. Here, we’ll go over the most common types of boats used by liveaboards in order to help you decide. Contact us today to learn more about our boat share program!



Houseboats get their name from being a house on the water. They offer headroom and space to walk around in and usually have room for a full-size refrigerator and a modern kitchen. Freedom Boat Club in Lake Lanier notes that houseboats are very popular for lake living and, in fact, do the best on protected water and not out on the open sea.

Tugboats and Trawlers

These boats are very similar in terms of their size and their offerings. Tugboats and trawlers offer the most living space per square foot of the boat. Sailboats of the same square footage have less room to move around. These boats tend to be multilevel like the houseboats and much of the living space is above water, which gives it a very similar feel to living on land. They usually have multiple living spaces both up and down below. They are roomy and comfortable with full-size kitchens, showers, room for big-screen TVs, and some even have bathtubs. Tugboats and trawlers are great for cruising the coast lines, fishing, and even crossing the oceans. However, these guys will cost you for their amazing amenities.


Many people love the feeling sailboats bring, able to cruise at great speed through the ocean and cover a lot of sea in one day. However, compared to the tugboats and the trawler, living in a sailboat is like living in your basement. Freedom Boat Club in Buford notes that sailboats usually do not have refrigerators, showers, or hot water. You can definitely sail around the world in a sailboat at a very reasonable price. Expect to pay less for a sailboat than for a tugboat or trawler.


Welcome the hybrid version between the sailboat and the tugboat or trawler. A double-hulled catamaran has a bridge between the two hulls and has many modern amenities, such as a kitchen, bathroom, and maybe even a washer and dryer. However, Catamarans are expensive to purchase, take up twice the room of other comparable boats, and usually cost more to maintain and more in rent due to their size. However, a Catamaran is a great way to travel around the world.

Floating Homes

Floating homes are basically homes that float. Most of these guys are permanently moored in one location and can be as much as a home in the city. Hence, a floating home is not the home for you if your primary reason for moving onto water is to save money.


The Freedom Boat Club in Buford was founded to share the love of boating with more people. Buying a boat is a big expense that many families simply can’t afford. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the adventures boating offers. When you join our boat share program, you’ll be able to reserve the boat of your choice amongst our fleet and enjoy boating whenever you want, whether that’s once a year or every weekend. Boating doesn’t have to be a chore. Let us take the work out of it, while you have fun making memories with your family.

A great way to help you decide which type of liveaboard boat is right for you is for you to join our boat club and see for yourself by reserving different types of boats and spending a few nights on them. One of our newest offerings, the Regal 28 Cruiser, has room for the entire family to spend a few nights out on the water. Living on a boat is not for everyone, and if you have any doubt, try our boats first. Contact Freedom Boat Club in Buford today to learn more!