Winter is coming soon and while it’s still pretty nice in Buford, GA, that doesn’t mean it’ll stay this way for a long time. As a boating club, you can visit us whenever you want. It can be a great time to go boating in the fall and the winter. However, being a Southerner, you probably want to stay in the warmth as winter hits. In today’s blog, we’ll be covering some ways that you can combat the boating blues this winter. It can be very difficult to stay away from the winter if you love boating, but we’re confident that these methods will help you target your passion for boating this winter. If you have any questions about becoming a member at Lake Lanier’s oldest and largest private membership boat club, then reach out to us today to get affordable boating options.

Four Methods To Combat Boating Blues This Winter

While winter can be so much fun, if you love the great outdoors, then it can be difficult to be cooped up in the house all day. When you’re used to going boating during the weekends or long hikes, sitting inside and watching TV just doesn’t seem like it’s going to do you any good. We want to introduce you to some innovative ways to continue to explore your passion for boating even though you can’t get on the water because it’s too chilly outside. These activities should make the time go faster until it’s spring again.

Reading About Boating

Boating doesn’t just have to take place on the water, it can also take place while you’re on your favorite part of the couch reading a good book. If you’re not much of a reader, then don’t work since we have a few books suggestions that are must-reads if you love boating. We urge you to check out Must-Read Books If You Have A Passion For Boating. Reading about something you enjoy will make it much more enjoyable and perhaps you may even learn something about your favorite activity that you may not have known previously. Reading is a great activity because it allows you to visit another place without actually leaving your house or spending any money.

Listening To Fun Music

Another great tip to ease your boating withdrawal is to listen to some fun music. While you’re not on the boat listening to your favorite tunes, you can still play music while you’re at home doing chores or lounging around. In Music To Listen To While Boating, we covered a few songs that everyone should enjoy while boating. Listening to these tunes again while you’re hanging out in your house, can be a great way to remind yourself about those fun times while boating when it’s too chilly, cloudy, and snowing outside. Enjoying some fun music will bring you back to sunnier times and help you get through the cooler seasons.

Watching Boating Movies

Another way to enjoy boating is to watch movies that are all about boating. There are some real classics out there and we don’t just mean Titanic. Movies To Watch When You Miss Boating will cover some great films to enjoy when you want to go boating, but the weather is less than ideal. Instead of sitting on a boat and battling the icy winds, you can settle in and enjoy The Hunt For Red October, The African Queen, and other classic movies about boating. While it’s not the same, it’s still a great opportunity to enjoy all of the facets about boating with none of the worries about the weather.

Educate Yourself About Boating

Our last method to combat the boating blues is to educate yourself. Perhaps you just got into boating this past summer and have yet to learn about knots — read Learn To Tie Knots To Prepare For Boating to learn about how to tie and knot. Maybe you want to learn some first-timer tips about boating and you don’t know where to start — read Tips For First Time Boaters – Part One and Part Two. Take the time that you need to spend indoors to enjoy some time to learn about the different facets of boating such as how to maneuver a boat, the benefits of taking out a speed boat, and so much more.

While the boating blues can be difficult to get through, these tips will keep boating in your heart as you go through the cooler weather. For more information on becoming a member at our boating club, contact us today.