Welcome to our blog, where you’ll find everything you need to know about boating, boats, summer and family vacation ideas, water safety, and how to fully enjoy an affordable alternative to boat ownership. At Freedom Boat Club, based in Buford, GA, we make sure to operate our business on integrity, innovation, and a passion for the boating lifestyle. We base our business on a platform of honesty and persistence to propel people to discover the genuine pleasure of boating in Buford. If you need vacation ideas and like boating, we are a fantastic vacation spot to explore. We want to provide people who haven’t been able to indulge in the joys of boating before to enjoy this hassle-free alternative to boat ownership. Freedom Boat Club wants to supply an easy environment to allow everyone to enjoy boating without having to own a boat.freedom1.5

Why Go To Freedom Boat Club?

If you’re an avid boater, you probably have your pick of the litter of places to go boating. What makes Freedom Boat Club different than the other boating places to go in the south? What makes us unique? Why should you come to us?

First, Freedom Boat Club is the oldest and largest private membership boat club on Lake Lanier. Not only are we the largest, but we are also affordable, which is always a bonus when looking for an excellent spot for a family vacation. In addition, we are able to give an alternative to boat ownership, which is beneficial if you love boating but lack the financial resources or access to a boat.

Second, we ensure that our members are safe and comfortable in the water with emphasis on the importance of training and education about both boats and water. To make sure you have a fantastic time, we want you to feel comfortable, so we are able to help you as best as we can to guarantee your confidence on the water.

Third, we are one of the top vacation spots for boating, with good reasoning! We offer each member a warm greeting and smile, are accommodating toward your needs, and we have a wide range of boats to choose from. We want to make sure that your family or summer vacation is everything you want before you head back to the real world.freedom1

What Can We Offer You?

The question should be, what can we not offer you? We have a wide range of boats and water activities to choose from. Buford is also located 30 minutes from of Atlanta, so if you want to go into the city, it’s an easy drive. To name a few activities at Freedom Boat Club we have wildlife viewing, lakeside dining, water sports, fishing, and sailing. We offer activities for all ages, such as waterskiing, tubing, and wakeboarding. Our food options are also delectable, and you’ll wonder how you could possibly leave!

Check out Freedom Boat Club for an excellent top vacation spot! The boat is already ready for you. Are you ready to come down and have some fun?

Contact us today to make reservations at 770-831-0682 or become a member at (404) 901-4907