Hot and humid are two ways to describe a Georgia summer. The best way to cool off this summer is to go boating and participate in some water activities; however, you may want to spend some time just fishing on Lake Lanier. Whatever floats your boat, after all. In today’s blog, we’ll be going over some ways you can stay comfortably cool as you fish in Lake Lanier. Whether you’re standing on the banks or you want to take one of our pontoon boats out to go far enough to catch some whoppers, these clothing tips will help you stay cool. Ultimately, there’s nothing worse than feeling overheated during your day of fishing.

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Clothes To Wear While Fishing This Summer

What should you wear while boating and fishing this summer? Obviously, if you’re fishing, you’re not going to get into the water. At least not while you’re fishing, but perhaps after to finally cool down from the beating sun. However, that doesn’t mean you’re not going to become too hot in your clothes. To help you stay at least a little bit cool, we supplied a few clothing tips to ensure you’re comfortable even if the weather is hot and humid. Check out some of our tips below and remember to always wear sunscreen to avoid some painful burns!


Lightweight shirts will be your best friend when you’re out boating and fishing this summer. The shirts you can purchase for fishing outside should be light colored and made of breathable fabric. If it’s been some time since you’ve gone fishing, keep in mind that the sun beats down on you and it gets hot pretty quickly, especially if you want to stay out there all day. You’ll want to wear those breathable fabrics so that you can stay cool. What’s even better is if you wear fishing shirts, which have short sleeves, button downs, and mesh lining and flaps that open to allow a cool breeze in. A white cotton undershirt will work wonders for underneath too.


Similar to the shirt, your pants will need to be lightweight as well. Cargo shorts are an excellent option for those who just need pants that will let a bit of a breeze in. Cargo shorts are a great option because they are lightweight and they have a lot of pockets. Pockets are great for storage and making sure that you have everything on hand. For example, you can place some pliers and tackle in your pockets. While you might be more prone to wearing jeans, keep in mind they aren’t as breathable and they get tight when you get sweaty.


Fishing hats are fantastic! While wearing a baseball cap might be your first thought, a fishing hat will keep you better covered. However, any type of hat is beneficial because it’ll keep the sun off of you and out of your eyes. If you wear glasses or hate wearing sunglasses, then a hat will give you the best coverage to keep the sun out of your eyes. Keep in mind, wearing sunglasses and a hat is the most ideal solution because of how bright it can get out there, especially when the sun reflects off the water. If you’d like to go even more high-tech, then try polarized sunglasses so that your vision is even better and you can catch as many fish as you want.


Since you’re boating, you may be tempted to wear flip-flops or sandals. Picking your shoes can be the most important thing you do because of safety and to help you catch fish. There’s nothing like getting a hook stuck in your foot because you were being clumsy and you were wearing flip-flops. It’s best if you wear an old pair of tennis shoes or boots to keep your feet safe from stray hooks or fish that may think your toes look tasty.

In addition to these clothing options for fishing, you’ll want to always, always remember to put on sunscreen. Not only do you want to avoid getting burned, you should also protect yourself against skin cancer. For more fishing blogs, check out Fishing Tips For Beginners – Part One, Part Two, and The Catch And Release Fishing Rules In Georgia. For further information on fishing and other boating activities, watch out for another blog post from Freedom Boat Club.