If you’re an avid reader of our blog, then you know we absolutely love diving into the different histories of boating and everything to do with it. In today’s blog, we’ll be answering the popular question of why boats are named after women. Whether a boat is named after a woman the person knows or they really want to name their boat something unique, the common practice is to name a boat a female name. Ever since boats were the only way to move between countries and across the sea, before airplanes, trains, and automobiles, ships had a name that was exemplary of the vessel. Now, even though we don’t have large ships to cart us across waters, there are boats that are still named respectively after women that the owner has loved or because they like the name. So where does this practice come from and what is the significance? Let’s dive in and find out!

Boat Naming History

Boats have been used in every civilization for survival methods and exploration ones. From explorers such as Magellan to Vasco da Gama, boating has been a way to go to a new world and explore what other civilizations have to offer. When it comes to the name of the boat, each ship had a feminine name. While the exact reason and the history of this naming is unknown, what is thought about this practice is hypothesized by historians.

There are two theories that people think have made naming a boat a female name a significance. The first reason is that some historians have hypothesized that boats were generally named after goddesses or other creatures from mythology. As time changes, the fad of naming boats after gods and goddesses dwindled, especially with the rise of monotheistic religions and thus people began to shift the naming of boats toward popular feminine names in that time period. The second theory that is posed is around the European languages. In the French and German languages, due to the complex gender terms, objects tend to be assigned specifically to the gender.

Why Do Boats Have Names?

So now that we know where the names came from, why exactly were they named at all? Logistically speaking, boats had named because of the regions they were in. When someone refers to a vessel, they need to make sure that they are talking about the same boat. Whether someone refers to the Jolly Roger or the Titanic, the other person will know what they are referring to because it’s by the name of the boat. If you think about how someone refers to you, they don’t say ‘hey you’ or ‘you there,’ they should mention you by name. When a boat has a specific name, everyone will know what’s going on, especially if there’s only one boat with that name.

At this point in time, people name boats because it’s a sport or it’s a job. There are still ships that transport items across the sea just like people participate in boat racing. In addition, many sea captains have a love of the past mariner life and want to protect the past captains who weathered the high seas. Now, people don’t have to name their boat because of the registration number. However, even though a registration number is required most still name their boats because it’s colorful and unique to their vessel.

The Significance Of Naming A Boat

The significance of naming a boat is a vital tradition because of a few reasons. Most captains will feel a personal connection to the name because it’s personal or historical. Many vessels that are named after important women will have made an impact on the captain. Another reason why there’s a significance of naming a boat is because of the good luck that it brings. There’s an entire ceremony that a captain feels entitled to do because of the luck it will bring to the voyage and the ship. The ceremony is pretty standard: the name is picked, painted, and then the ship leaves with the blessings of loved ones.

Now that you know the reason that boats have these worthy names, it’s time for you to get out onto the water to enjoy a day in the sunshine. At Freedom Boat Club, we strive to have boats that our members will love. Whether you just want to spend time boating around Lake Lanier or you want to spend a day waterskiing, our boat club will help you achieve some relaxation and time on the water. For more information about our boat club, contact us to become a member.