When trying to decide what to do for the Fourth of July, there are dozens of options where you can have fun and enjoy yourself! However, nothing is quite as great as spending the holiday on a boat! In today’s blog from our team at Freedom Boat Club in Buford, we dive into why boating is some of the most fun you can have on the Fourth of July! If you have never experienced fireworks from a boat, then you should make this year the year! Make sure to make your reservations sooner rather than later this year —  the Fourth of July is always a busy boating day! 


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But first…

We know that boating can be tons of fun and you just can’t wait to hear about why you need to spend your holiday on a boat this year, but there are a few safety tips to consider before hopping on the boat. When boating — especially on the Fourth of July — always make sure to: 


  • Check the function of all your lights before you cast off
  • Supply everyone on board with life jackets
  • Be prepared for emergencies and have a plan
  • Take it slow; there will likely be a lot of people out
  • NEVER drink and operate a boat
  • Be vigilant of other boaters, swimmers, and firework safety zones


At Freedom Boat Club in Buford, we know that hearing about all the rules isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, but knowing them can help make sure that everyone has a safe and fun Fourth of July. With that, here are a few great reasons to enjoy the firework show while boating this year! 

The view

Ask anyone who has seen a city fireworks display out on the water while boating — it’s breathtaking. Experiencing the fireworks show from the boat is like nothing you’ve ever seen before, and it’s something that everyone should experience at least once in their life! It’s like having a front-row seat where the pyrotechnics are right in front of you. Not only do you get a super close, excellent view, but you also get to see it twice. Every firework explosion dances off the water too for a beautiful mixture of colors across the dark water canvas.


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Easy to find a spot

When you go to find a spot around the lake, beach, or wherever, if you don’t get there super early, it can be impossible to find a good spot. Some people even go so far as to camp out the day before to get the perfect spot. When you go boating for the Fourth of July, instead of wading through a crowd of people to find a so-so spot, you’ll be wading in the cool water with plenty of great spots available. When you are boating out on the water, there are really no bad spots unless you manage to anchor right next to a tree — but even then, fireworks shoot up pretty high. When boating, there is no need to worry about finding a good spot or camping out for an entire day just to save yourself prime real estate. 




Sometimes crowding around for a firework show can be like going to a concert. Everyone is elbow to elbow, personal space isn’t a thing, and it can be a bit uncomfortable. While boating, all of those problems wash away with the waves. Your boat is your own personal space where you and your family have plenty of space to spread out. Everyone has their own seat, and you aren’t crammed in next to a stranger — which might be a good way to make new friends, but definitely isn’t ideal. 


Better yet, boating for the Fourth of July means that you have room for snacks! Bring yourself some popcorn, Pop-Tarts, potato chips, or anything else your heart might desire. No need to worry about anyone stealing your snacks either — except maybe a shady sibling. 


The VIP treatment

When you are out boating for the Fourth, it feels like you are getting the red carpet treatment. You get front-row seating to the firework show, the best spot in the house, and plenty of room to be comfortable. There are few experiences more luxurious than spending the Fourth of July boating for the firework show. The best part is, you too can be a VIP when you are a part of Freedom Boat Club in Buford. Join our boating club today for unlimited access to a variety of boats — whenever you want! Your summer VIP treatment is just a boating club membership away —  contact us today to learn more.