In our previous post, A Few Health Benefits Of Boating – Part One, we covered a few health benefits of boating. Boating is essential to allow you to balance the many different sectors of your life. Nowadays, a majority of what we do is targeted toward work and our personal lives whether that means maintaining relationships or dealing with the kids. Boating is an escape to let you rejuvenate and take some time to yourself or with your family or friends to decompress. Take these health benefits into account as you boat and relax.

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Three Health Benefits Of Boating

The three health benefits that we discussed previously were: Vitamin D, the importance of fresh air, and being able to live in the moment and not constantly staying plugged in. These three important health benefits aren’t just excuses to give your partner or boss when you want a day off from doing things you need to. They are important factors to help you live life to the fullest and healthiest. When boating, these three additional health benefits will help to contribute to your health.

Health Benefit Four: Quality Time

Quality time with your family or friends is very limited these days. With going to school, work, and constantly being plugged into technology, it’s hard to take a night or even a few hours to really spend quality time with the people who mean the most to you. Staying plugged in all of the time is bad for your health and for the relationships in your life, which is why spending a few hours of quality time together will allow you and your family or friends to really connect and bond. As people who are constantly plugged in, constantly sending texts, selfies, or checking e-mail, taking some time without all of the distractions will help to strengthen and grow your relationships. When you’re on a boat you don’t need to think about checking your phone or taking a Snapchat. Instead, think about how fun it is to spend time boating with your family or friends.

Happiness comes from all places, but having a lively social life will help to enhance the happiness in your life. By taking the time to spend with your family and friends on a boat, whether it’s a speed or pontoon boat, you’ll be able to bond the way you haven’t in a while and you’ll find that day reverberates in your mind for the rest of your life. So take some time, spend it on a boat of your choice with your family or friends and create indelible memories.

Health Benefit Five: Nature

Similar to spending time with your family by unplugging from your phone, hopping on a boat, and spending time on Lake Lanier will allow you to connect or reconnect with nature. When you live in a technology-focused world with minimal connection to nature, it’s nice to get on the water and see the beauty in nature. On a drive home from work or errands, you might notice the changing leaves or the blooming flowers, but you aren’t able to stop and smell them or really see them. When you’re on a boat relaxing on the water you’re able to stop and smell everything, you notice the frogs jumping from the lilypads, and you see the trees changing. In addition to being able to see the beauty in nature while out on the water, you’re also able to take advantage of the health benefits of being surrounded by nature. Studies show that being able to connect with nature is a good way to strengthen your overall health. Take advantage of surrounding yourself in nature and on the water with your friends or family to take notice of the everyday things you take for granted.

Health Benefit Six: Exploring New Things

Have you ever been boating? Have you recently been boating? Have you wished you could boat more? At Freedom Boat Club at Lake Lanier, we want to foster your passion for boating because we love boating, too. We’re able to give you and your family the opportunity to start boating at a boating club for an affordable price. If you’ve never been boating, you have to try it out and decide what you think. By trying new things, you’re able to continuously explore new experiences and enhance your own mental health. Don’t become complacent in your life, instead, try something new every day because you never know what you’ll decide you like. By finding a passion and happiness in boating, you’ll be able to watch sunrises or sunsets, have picnics, take out a pontoon boat for fishing, or ski around at the end of a speed boat. Find a passion, it’s never too late to try something new. Not only will finding a passion be good for your health, but it will also contribute to your overall happiness. After all, isn’t life about exploring new things and finding something to make you happy?
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