dreamstime_xxl_45385961Even though it’s slowly becoming fall, you can still enjoy being outside on the lake. Autumn happens to be one of the most beautiful times of the year in Buford, GA. The leaves turn red, yellow, and orange, and you’re able to sit by the lake with a beer or warm cup of tea while the gentle breeze washes over you. The fall allows you to enjoy cooler weather and there is a great backdrop wherever you go. At Freedom Boat Club of Lake Lanier, in today’s blog, we want to share with you some of the benefits of boating in autumn.

Benefit One: Health

Your health is very important, and many people have don’t have nearly enough self-care. If you work long hours at the office or you’re taking care of kids, you can forget to take care of you. Sometimes it’s nice to take a moment for yourself, but what about when you can take longer than a few minutes? What if you could take a whole day or afternoon?

At Freedom Boat Club of Lake Lanier, we are able to give you some much-needed downtime you and your family need. We are a boat club offering an alternative to boat ownership, so when you want to go out on the lake and take a lazy day, you can! In fall, it’s even better to spend some time on Lake Lanier because it isn’t quite as busy and it’s a stress reliever. Take a day to yourself or with your loved ones to fish or spend the on a relaxing boating adventure to decompress. An hour or two of spending time on a pontoon boat or bowrider relaxing and enjoying the beautiful vibrant leaves allows you to be more at one with nature. Spending time on water naturally helps to lower anxiety, so the next time you feel overwhelmed, take out one of our family boats and get to know yourself again.

Benefit Two: Ideal Weather

The autumn weather in Buford is amazing. Some days are cooler than others, but the vibrant leaves and cool breeze keep the temperatures ideal for spending time on the water. The water may be a little chilly for water activities, but you can still take out a family boat to do some fishing, have a nice picnic, and relax. Cooler temperatures also mean that the fish are more active, so if you are introducing kids to fishing, they are more liable to catch some. The weather in Georgia during the autumn is beautiful. It is ideal and not too muggy, which gives you time to enjoy the vivid landscape. This autumn, make sure to get a good look at the changing trees along Lake Lanier, it’s not a sight you’ll want to miss!

Benefit Three: Accessibledreamstime_xxl_8149691

If you live around the Atlanta area, then you are only a short drive to Lake Lanier. Many Americans don’t have easy accessibility to a beautiful lake all year round, but in Georgia, you do! It’s affordable to drive down to the lake, too, and with Freedom Boat Club, you don’t even have to worry about towing and preparing your own boat; instead, you can become a member of our boat club and go boating whenever you want. Make sure to take advantage of our easy access as the weather turns cooler. You don’t want to miss boating around Lake Lanier in autumn.

To become a member or learn more information about Freedom Boat Club at Lake Lanier, please contact us.