Picking the right boat can be just as difficult as picking out a home or a car. Everything needs to be exactly to your specifications before you are able to pick or even dreamstime_l_7584935look for the perfect speed boat. At Freedom Boat Club at Lake Lanier, a boating club that offers a wide selection of boats to choose from, we are an affordable alternative to boat ownership and encourage everyone to have great boating experiences. When you are picking out a boat at our boat club, take into consideration some important factors listed below. Picking the right boat is very important, especially if you have never been boating before. Here are some tips on how to pick out a speed boat.

Consider The Quality Of Construction

Boats need to be durably built to be able to cruise at eye-watering speeds. Due to the fact that you can’t exactly test the boat’s durability, you may have to do some research. Even if you could test the boat durability, we recommend that you research whatever speed boat or family boat you are considering. Do your research on the builder and their history, the make and model, the material the builder is using, and if you are able to check out the builder’s plant. As aforementioned, choosing a boat is very similar to a car, you wouldn’t choose a car without doing research. In turn, you wouldn’t choose a speed boat without doing some research.


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Consider The Engine

Since you are choosing a speed boat, considering the engine is one of the most important features. Speed boat engines are notoriously fast, run hard, and have short life spans. Most engines have a year-long warranty or specific hours of operations until they break down. Again, keep in mind that, like a car, eventually, a boat will need some repairs. Be patient with the engine.

Consider the Versatility

Versatility is beneficial if you have a wide range of plans for your speed boat. You need to consider how fast you want your boat to go; for instance, do you want to choose this boat for racing, or do you want to participate in watersports? Besides the handling versatility, think about what you want in the cabin. Do you want air conditioning, a full help, or a queen-sized or king-sized bed? If you want to fish on your boat, then take that into consideration as well when you pick out your dream boat. The last factor to keep in mind is how big you want the boat. Are you a person who likes to travel with a crowd, either large or small, or do you like to go out alone or with one other person? Take all of these important factors into consideration when considering your versatility.

Consider The Handling

This goes hand-in-hand with the quality of construction. The handling is very important for safety issues. The faster the speed boat is going, the more squirrely it can become — which can be very dangerous! The best way to test how a boat handles is by taking it on the water. In conjunction with the quality of construction, stick to your instincts.


Remember to check out Freedom Boat Club at Lake Lanier! We are located in Buford, GA, and are a private boat club that is a fun getaway from reality. We offer a large selection of boats that are versatile, great in the water, solidly built, and ready to be taken out on the lake. Contact us at 770-831-6082 to make a reservation today!