Welcome to the first blog of the year 2019! Here at Freedom Boat Club, the preferred boating club of Atlanta and Buford, we figured the best way to ring in the new year is to discuss some ways that we can resolve to be better boaters in the upcoming season.

When it comes to boating, it’s vital that as fellow boaters, we each do our part to improve upon our boating knowledge, skills, and boating etiquette in order to make a more enjoyable experience for everyone out on Lake Lanier. No matter what your boating interests are, don’t you want to push yourself to expand your horizons and be a more well-rounded boater than in years past?


At Freedom Boat Club, we strive to help you fully enjoy the boating lifestyle when you come to either of our two boating club locations in Buford and Cumming, Georgia. Easily accessible from Atlanta for a weekend of lake life, what sets us apart from other boating clubs you may consider joining for the 2019 season is our customer service, variety of boat rentals available, and the exciting events we host at our Lake Lanier boat club.

The boat rentals we offer to our boat club members are guaranteed to be in pristine condition and ready to ride anytime you come to visit. So what are you waiting for? If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to have more fun on the water with friends and family, there’s no better way to do just that than to become a Freedom Boat Club member.


New Year’s Resolutions For The Boating Lifestyle

For our first blog of 2019, we’ll be covering some great New Year’s resolutions you should incorporate into your life when you are out on Lake Lanier or anywhere else this boating season (don’t forget that your Freedom Boat Club membership gives you access to boating across the country). With the new year, you’re able to set new goals that will put you on a path to becoming a more passionate boating enthusiast.

While making resolutions to eat healthier or actually utilize that gym membership you’ve been paying for are all fine and dandy, here at Freedom Boat Club of Lake Lanier, we’ve compiled a list of potential resolutions for you to consider that are both practical and achievable as you go into another year of boating, whether it be locally here on Lake Lanier or elsewhere, so that you can make your time on the water better than ever this year.


Even though boating may be far off on your list of priorities, these New Year’s resolutions are something you can look forward to when the weather begins warming up again here in Georgia. The following are just some of the boating resolutions you can try out for yourself in 2019.


Resolution 1: Spend More Time Boating

This one might be more obvious, but whether you are a current Freedom Boat Club Member in Atlanta or you own your own boat on Lake Lanier, we should all strive to spend more time out on the water this year! We know that life can get in the way of enjoying our boats sometimes, but by taking a look at your calendar now and setting aside some dedicated weekends for a boat rental, you can ensure you get as much time on the water as you want this upcoming season.


Resolution 2: Learn New Boating Skills

While we provide free training to our Freedom Boat Club members on how to properly operate and maintain their boat rentals, it couldn’t hurt to expand your horizons and pick up some more boating skill sets! Whether it’s buying a boating guide, taking tips from our boating blog, or asking your fellow Georgia boating enthusiasts for insight, taking time to learn more about boating will provide you with a sense of achievement and allow you to feel better prepared when you go into your boating weekends.

You can also learn more fun boating skills such as new watersports! Whether it be water skiing, wakeboarding, or tubing, adding a new skill like this to your boating resume is sure to make your time on the water more exciting.


Resolution 3: Help Keep Our Beaches And Waters Clean

Another great boating resolution is to do your part to keep Lake Lanier in pristine condition for many more years of boating to come. While boating in Buford can be thrilling to say the least, us boaters can surely leave our mark behind on our lakes’ ecosystems, especially in the notorious Lake Lanier Cocktail Cove. You can do your part to be a more conscientious boater this boating season by taking time to pick up trash from our local beaches or items you find floating in the water. This benefits everyone on the water and will leave you with a true sense of accomplishment.


Resolution 4: Share Your Love For Boating With Others

Sharing your passions with others is a New Year’s resolution that never goes out of style, and boating is no exception! As we enter into a new boating season on Lake Lanier in Buford, take the time to invite new family and friends, whether in the Atlanta area or from out of town, to accompany you on your weekend boat rental with Freedom Boat Club. Who knows, they might love it so much that they decide to join in on the exciting world of boat sharing too!


Resolution 5: Try Out A New Type Of Boating

One of the many perks of being a Atlanta’s Freedom Boat Club member is that there are a wide variety of different Lake Lanier boat rentals available to you. From fishing boats to party boats, speedboats, sailboats, and more, why not take the opportunity to switch things up and try your hand at another form of boating this year on Lake Lanier?


These are just a few of our favorite boating New Year’s resolutions that we believe will help you to make the most of the upcoming boating season as Freedom Boat Club Member. If you aren’t currently a member but want to experience the benefits of boat sharing for yourself, give us a call at Freedom Boat Club of Atlanta today!