lake1 (1)Deciding on what type of boat you want to take out for the day can be a very difficult decision. Even though fall is rapidly coming upon us, there are still warm days to take advantage of. So take the opportunity to spend time in the water while you still have the option. At Freedom Boat Club of Lake Lanier in Buford, GA, we encourage you to continue going boating because there is still so much to do on the water. When it comes to choosing the types of boat you and your family want, it can be a very difficult decision. If you are into speed boats, then check out our How To Choose A Speed Boat post. If you want a boat that’s a little more family-friendly, then continue reading about some fun activities to do on a family boat for the day.

What To Consider

Consider some of these questions when you are thinking about what kind of boat you want to take out for the day with your family.

  • What do you want to do?
  • Do you want to relax?
  • Do you want to do water activities?
  • Does your family have any requests?

Family boats are different than speed boats because they are more geared toward family activities. If you like speed boats a lot, but your family wants to try a pontoon boat, then don’t worry; there are still plenty of great things to do. Continue reading about some of the fun activities to do during a fun day of boating while on a family boat.


There are still some warm days to take advantage of as we get closer to fall. If you choose a family boat for your boating adventure, you can relax while swimming with the kids. Tubing is also a crowd favorite on a pontoon boat; it might not go eye-watering speeds, but there are more opportunities on a pontoon boat. On a family boat like a pontoon boat, some have a slide where the kids slide down it into the water, or there can be an epic cannonball contest. Due to the larger size of a pontoon boat, more people can be on it as well, so more of your family can join the fun. On a speed boat, you can go faster and take advantage of more water activities, but on a pontoon boat, you have a little more versatility. You can fish, relax, tube, swim, send off some fireworks, have a picnic, and use water toys such as a slide to enhance the fun.


Relaxing on a family boat is easier too. If you like to suntan, fish, have a picnic, or swim, then pontoon boats are for you and your family. You are able to stretch out more on a pontoon boat, and it’s more of a lazy boat to allow you the quiet you so desperately seek. It’s very hard to relax in today’s crazy world of work, family, and the endless tasks that you need to take care of. When you are out on the water on a pontoon boat, you are able to take advantage of that quiet. Take some food, a book, or a fishing pole, and head into the water on your pontoon boat for a lazy afternoon relaxing in the sun while waiting for the fish to nibble or getting lost in a good book.

Pontoon boats allow you to do a lot more than you’d think. If you are an avid speed boater, then try taking a family boat out while it’s still warm. Even if the day is cool, you can sit in the sun on the family boat and have a nice lunch while fishing. Family boats allow you much more flexibility for your water activities, so try one out today!

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