dreamstime_xxl_1857190As the temperature begins to drop and rain befalls Georgia, it’s time for boat owners to start getting ready for winter. Even in Georgia, you can expect a small bit of snow, and to protect your boat, it’s best to find shelter as well as the skills or service to adequately winterize your boat. At Freedom Boat Club at Lake Lanier in Buford, we make your life easier by offering you an alternative to boat ownership.

At Freedom Boat Club of Lake Lanier, we make boating easier by providing the boats for you instead of you having to own and maintain your own costly boat. We are an affordable alternative to owning a boat and, as an added bonus, we offer a variety of boats at our boat club for you to use. Some of the types of boats we have include speed boats and family boats to fulfill all of your needs. If you become a boat club member, you are able to take advantage of some great benefits such as not having to prepare your boat for winter or summer. Read Joining A Boat Club Versus Buying A Boat to learn more about the benefits.

If you own your own boat, you would need to begin looking for boat storage and start preparing your boat for winter — or at least begin thinking about preparing your boat for winter. At Freedom Boat Club of Lake Lanier, we take care of all the winterizing for our members. There are many things to remember if you are winterizing your boat, such as proper cleaning, checking the engine, preparing the fuel system, and flushing the cooling system. One of the downfalls of boating, when you own your own boat, is needing to prepare it for the various seasons as well as maintain the upkeep. Boats and cars are very similar in this area since cars need to keep their maintenance up to date or else you run the risk of breaking down; the same can be said for a boat. The biggest benefit of not having to own your own boat is not having to worry about the maintenance of it; it’s like you get all the perks of boating with none of the drawbacks. If you are tired of maintaining your boat and want a great alternative, join our boat club.

freedom6If you are interested in becoming a member at Freedom Boat Club of Lake Lanier, then call (404) 901-4907. We look forward to having you as a member!