It’s August and it’s hot all of the time. The muggy, sweltering, heavy heat seems to be weighing you down. The sun is high in the sky beating down on you as you go to work day-in and day-out. Each day seems to allow you to grow a little more restless as you try to figure out a way to celebrate the remainder of the summer. When you were a kid, this time of the year used to mean going to the pool, going boating, spending time with your friends, and now every day you go to work and you take care of your family. The weekends are chock-full of your kid’s summer activities, errands, and summer festivals all around town, which is fantastic; however, you want to do something a little different. This summer seems to be flying by and you know the kids will be in school soon, so you want to take advantage of one last weekend together of doing something a little different. The oppressive heat gives you the idea of spending some time boating. You haven’t gone in quite some time. Perhaps your kids have never even gone out on a boat. As the remnants of the summer taper off, it’s time for you to enjoy some time at a boating club. However, as great of an idea as that is, you don’t know anywhere you can go that’s not specifically catered to people who already have boats. With some research, you come across Freedom Boat Club, a boating club that offers an Affordable Alternative To Boat Ownership™

Five Advantages To Joining A Boat Club

Freedom Boat Club is located on Lake Lanier in two separate locations. With one location in Cumming, and the other in Buford, GA, you can pick which location is the closest to you. If you’re looking for a place to go boating, then Freedom Boat Club is the perfect option for those who don’t have a boat, but have a passion for boating. We welcome anyone who enjoys spending some time on Lake Lanier and who likes to go boating. You don’t need to own a boat when you come to our boating club. In fact, all you need is to purchase a membership and you can come boating all of the time. If you’ve still a little hesitant to join our boating club, then let us tell you some advantages of what you can obtain when you become a member of Freedom Boat Club.

Stop Worrying About Maintenance

One of the downfalls of having a boat is the maintenance you put into it. From having to fix every little trinket on the vessel to dealing with the bigger issues such as winterizing in the colder months, it’s a pain to have to repair every little item on the boat. If you’re a handy person and have a tendency to fix items such as boats, then perhaps finding a mechanic to repair your boat isn’t a big deal. However, you’ll still be giving up your precious time to be working on your vessel as well as paying for the new equipment to put into the boat. If you’re not very handy with a wrench or any other tools, then you’ll need to find a mechanic, pay them, which can be costly, and you’ll spend a lot of your own time on the boat. You’ll need to pick the boat up from the shop, drive it to the storage unit, and put it back into storage to wait for you to use it again. Unlike a car, you won’t have the ease of testing it out either unless you’re close to a body of water. Fortunately, at Freedom Boat Club you don’t have to worry about any maintenance whatsoever. We actually worry about all of the maintenance at the boating club while you get to enjoy a fun-filled day on Lake Lanier.

No Hidden Costs 

Our boating club is very upfront with what you’ll need to pay to belong. We don’t hide any unnecessary fees. We strive to lay out the details of what it means to be a member in a simple manner. When you own your own boat, you’ll be surprised at all of the hidden fees you’ll need to pay. We covered maintenance, but what about storage fees, winterizing, purchasing new equipment for the boat, insurance, and the general upkeep of your boat to ensure it stays in tip-top shape. The first few costs don’t seem like a big deal, but as they begin to add up it can take a lot of your time and money away from other activities you enjoy doing. Why spend more and more money on a boat when you can just come down to a boating club to take out a vessel of your choosing?

Mix Up What You Want To Do

What’s great about boating is that every experience is even better than the last. You can go out on a speed boat and have the time of your life, just like you would on a pontoon boat. Fortunately, at our boating club, you can actually take out an abundance of different boats. You don’t have to just stick with one type of boat like you would if you had purchased it. Sometimes you’re into having slower days and other times you want to speed around Lake Lanier at a breakneck pace. Whatever type of day you decide on, our boats will offer you the time of your life. If you owned a speed boat, for instance, then you wouldn’t be able to enjoy those lazy days of summer on a slower boat. If you purchased a pontoon boat, then you wouldn’t be able to participate in some water activities because your boat doesn’t go at top speed. When you belong to Freedom Boat Club, you get the best of both worlds.

Eliminate Shopping For A Boat

Shopping for a boat can be just as bad as shopping for a car. It can take weeks, months, possibly even years to decide on what you truly want. Boat shopping, like car shopping, can be overwhelming and distressing. Not only do you have to talk to salespeople who can lead you in too many directions, but you also have to do a lot of research to make sure your purchase is exactly what you want. As opposed to car shopping, there might not be as many places to buy a boat as you would think. You might have to travel far to find a boat that will do everything you need it too. Additionally, if you decide to buy a boat from a friend, neighbor, or someone from Craigslist, you have to make sure a mechanic checks it out to ensure that it’s functional. With a boating club, you don’t have to worry about any shopping. All you need to do is decide which boat you want to take out on Lake Lanier and let us know.

The Benefits We Provide

Freedom Boat Club provides many benefits you can’t get with owning your own boat. For example, you can take your pick of either of our boating club locations to visit. We’re a place for the whole family to enjoy and we have an abundance of activities in the area. Additionally, we have access to some delicious restaurants anyone can enjoy. We’re also well priced. Instead of paying for all those hidden fees we mentioned, you can pay for a membership and spend the rest of your hard earned money on other things you enjoy. The customer service at Freedom Boat Club makes you feel like you’re among friends in a great location. We pride our company on being a great place to spend the day.

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