The year 2020 is officially in full swing. It’s unofficially been dubbed the year of clarity because, well, 2020. New year new you, right? This year at Freedom Boat Club at Lake Lanier, we want to help you keep your New Year’s resolution that you’ve committed to. In today’s blog, we go over a few ways that joining the world’s largest boating club can help you meet and exceed your New Year’s resolution! 


Have More Fun

For many people, their New Year’s resolution is to simply take care of themselves better than they have in years passed. One major aspect of proper self-care is taking the time to have a little fun in our lives. Now obviously everyone’s definition of fun is going to be a little bit different — but in general, practically everyone has a good time boating. It’s pretty tough to have a frown on your face while you’re cruising the big, wide-open Lake Lanier. Whether your thing is water skiing or just watching the sunset from the comfort of your boat while the waves gently rock you, there’s no better way to take care of yourself. The best part is that when you choose Freedom Boat Club at Lake Lanier, you can come boating as much as you want, whenever you want — no strings attached. So this year, take care of yourself by having a little boating fun. 

Spend More Time With the Family

In today’s day and age, free time seems like a fleeting concept. Scores of people often make it their New Year’s resolution to spend more time with their family this year and less time working. This can seem tough or almost impossible at times, but there is almost nothing more important than quality time with the ones you love. What better way to spend some quality time with the family than a boating day at Lake Lanier? The kiddos can have a blast being towed on an innertube while you and the significant other can enjoy a little quality time together — it’s really win-win. Create memories with your family that will last a lifetime with unlimited boating at Lake Lanier. Only with Freedom Boat Club.

Invest in Your Own Happiness

Another common resolution amongst Americans is to do more things that make them happy. While you may feel like a boating membership may feel like a large investment, many people choose to think of it as an investment in their own happiness. Life is short and it is of the utmost importance to take the time to do things that make you happy. If boating is what makes you happy, then boat until your heart’s content!

Get In a Little More Activity

You’ll probably notice a common thing amongst Americans and their New Year’s resolutions — they want more time in their busy schedule. We want more time to take care of ourselves and our families through exercise, spending time together, and having fun. Another way that boating can help you meet your New Year’s resolutions is by helping you have fun, spend time with the family, and get a little exercise in the mix — all wrapped in one. At first glance, you may not think that boating is much of an exercise. But, have you ever tried wakeboarding, inner-tubing, or just treading water for a while? It’s definitely hard work! An unlimited boating membership at Freedom Boat Club of Lake Lanier can help you stay more active in your free time and meet your 2020 goals.


Lake Lanier Boating

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