Some of you may already know this, but when you become a member of Freedom Boat Club at Lake Lanier, you instantly gain access to a wide variety of boats. While you may have experience and be familiar with one or two specific types of boats, few people have extensive experience with all of them. That’s why in today’s blog from Freedom Boat Club, we talk about the different types of boats we offer, the boating they are made for, and how you can get the most out of them! To learn more about the different boats that we offer, check out our boats page.


Express Cruiser

Express cruiser boats are similar to cabin cruisers. The main difference is that express cruisers pack more punch in the power department. Otherwise, express cruisers have all the same great amenities you’d expect from a cabin cruiser like a below-deck restroom, a gallery to prepare and store food, and a large sleeping area. Express cruisers are perfect for longer getaways since they have everything you need for a full day of boating fun or an extended weekend getaway for a few nights. They offer plenty of space if you want to spend some time with friends and family. Or they are perfect for spending quality time with that special someone. We recommend express cruisers for relaxed, longer boating sessions out on Lake Lanier. 


Reserve the Regal 28 Cruiser express cruiser boat for your next boating adventure!

Pontoon Boats

Pontoon boats are amongst the most popular boats reserved at Freedom Boat Club of Lake Lanier. Pontoon boats are made for fun and can comfortably seat up to 10 people. Pontoon boats get their name from the two long floats or pontoons that support the large, flat deck. This design creates more buoyancy and allows for spacious and fun deck layouts. Pontoon boats are perfect for a fun boating day on Lake Lanier with a group of friends. You can cruise around the lake and explore everything the lake has to offer, get some great tanning in, go for a swim with friends, or just comfortably relax on the water and enjoy each other’s company. We recommend pontoon boats for diverse and exciting boating fun with groups of friends and family. 


Reserve the Harris Pontoon 24’ pontoon boat to go boating with groups of friends!

Bow Riders

The bow of a boat is the area in front of that boat that often comes to a point. A bowrider boat is a boat that has seating in the front of the bow of the boat as well as traditional seats in the middle and back of the boat. These types of boats are often fitted with more than enough power to tow a wakeboarder or water skier with ease. Many bow riders are designed with recreation in mind and are well suited to watersports. We recommend bow riders for a fun day of water activities like tubing, water skiing, wakeboarding, swimming, or zipping around Lake Lanier with a few friends. Our bow riders at Freedom Boat Club at Lake Lanier are made for watersports and come equipped with a Bluetooth stereo, power outlets, and wakeboarder towers.


Reserve the Regal 2100 bow rider for your watersports boating experience!

Deck Boats

A deck boat is very similar to a bow rider but offers a more spacious seating arrangement. Deck boats get their name from their accommodating deck sizes and can often comfortably fit eight or more people. Deck boats are great for the same activities as bow riders — tubing, water skiing, wakeboarding, and swimming — but allow you to spend time with even more friends and family members. 


Reserve the Regal FasDec deck boat for watersports boating for up to eight people!

Freedom Boat Club at Lake Lanier

So what are you waiting for? Join Freedom Boat Club at Lake Lanier for unlimited access to deck boats, bow riders, pontoon boats, and express cruisers. You’ll get the most versatile boating experiences you’ll find anywhere while making memories with loved ones, and so much more. You will also get to enjoy all of the benefits of owning a fleet of boats without the cost, maintenance, or other hassles.