Welcome to the original Freedom Boat Club on Lake Lanier! We look forward to having you come visit us and enjoy a little fun in the sun around the crystal blue Lake Lanier. A boating club that has been established for many years on Lake Lanier in the Buford, GA, area, Freedom Boat Club is a boating club that essentially allows you to get everything you want from boating without having to pay for every little thing. Freedom Boat Club is an affordable alternative to boat ownership and all you have to worry about is paying for is your membership. If you don’t want to pay for the boating amenities such as winterizing your boat, storing your boat, maintaining your boat, and all of the other little necessities you need to keep your boat, then it’s time you consider joining Freedom Boat Club. With you only needing to concentrate on paying for a membership, you’ll even be able to save some money when you come to Freedom Boat Club.

Where Are We Located?

We are located around Lake Lanier in Buford, GA. The Freedom Boat Club address is:

6900 Lanier Islands Parkway
Dock X
Buford, GA 30518

Why Should You Come To Freedom Boat Club?

  • Have you really been needing that family vacation?
  • Have you wanted to go boating for months, but are unable to because of a busy schedule?
  • Are you trying to figure out how to own a boat and afford all of your other bills?
  • Are you tired of paying for a boat you hardly ever use?

If you understand exactly what we’re talking about, then it’s time you come down to Lake Lanier to our boating club. Unlike other boating clubs you may be used to, Freedom Boat Club is able to give you all of the fun in the sun without having to pay as much as you normally would. Eliminate the storage of your boat, the winterizing of your boat, the maintaining of your boat, and all of the other nuisances that come with owning a boat, and all you have to focus on is paying for your boating membership. When you decide to become a member at Freedom Boat Club, you’re able to take advantage of a few things. First, what sets us apart from other boating clubs is your ability to take out any type of boat you’d like. With speed boats and pontoon boats, you’re able to have any type of boating day you want without having to worry about getting the boat to the water. In addition to being able to take out any type of boat, you’re also able to take advantage of the many family fun and enjoyable activities around Lake Lanier. From delicious restaurants to water activities the entire family will enjoy, you’re able to spend not only one day on Lake Lanier, but many days. Take advantage of our boating club with all of the amenities and spend a day relaxing in the Georgia sun.

When you come to visit us, don’t forget to always practice boating safety at Freedom Boat Club! To become a member fill out the contact form below.

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