1. The Real Cost of Owning A Boat

    Tons of people all over the country dream of being able to enjoy a day of boating whenever they want — and we don’t blame them! There’s nothing like hitting Lake Lanier with the person you love by your side and maybe a kid or two dangling their feet in the water. Each time you go out on a boat, it’s a magical experience that creates memories that last a lifetime. Unfortunately, people all …Read More

  2. The Basics of Water Skiing

    There are tons of reasons that people love boat clubs because what’s not to love? You can go boating as much as you want, you have access to multiple different types of boats, and you have a fun summer activity to do with family and friends. Here at Freedom Boat Club Lake Lanier, one of our favorite perks of being in a boat club is water skiing! If you or anyone in your boating party is feeling …Read More