1. Three Winter Activities To Do Around Lake Lanier

    The weather outside is getting colder, icicles are probably starting to form on your home, and as the snow threatens to fall, going outside seems almost treacherous. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of all of the fun things to do in the wintertime — especially on Lake Lanier. It might be cold out, but that just means you have to wear extra layers as you brave the chill…Read More

  2. Tips For Keeping Safe During Hurricane Season

    As you know, hurricane season is a viscous time of year. As the weather changes and one of the biggest hurricanes in the last few years hits the coast, it’s vital to know some safety tips for hurricane season. Freedom Boat Club Lake Lanier wants to share some tips to keep you safe during the remainder of this hurricane season and for the rest to come. Freedom Boat Club Lake Lanier is a top vacat…Read More

  3. An Option For Eating – Part Four

    Take a break from boating to eat at a delicious restaurant and further relax on a beautiful sunny day in Buford, GA. To go boating with your family, friends, or a significant other is meant to be relaxing, so enjoy a yummy bite to eat to keep the good times rolling. In our last few posts, we gave you some great places to check out to dine. Read An Option For Eating - Part One, Part Two, and Part T…Read More

  4. All You Need To Know About Fishing In Lake Lanier

    Relaxation, reflection, and connection are a few words many people choose to use to describe fishing. Fishing this time of year (fall) is arguably the best time to go — the water is cooler and the fish are much more active. It’s also the best time for you because the weather is comfortable, beautiful foliage lines the lake, and the tourists has come and gone. Fishing is a relaxing activity, bu…Read More

  5. An Option For Eating – Part Three

    In our last food post, we discussed Pig Tails, a deliciously yummy restaurant with a variety of edible options to choose from. Check out An Option For Eating - Part Two, to read further about Pig Tails Restaurant. Fish Tails Lakeside Grill is the sister restaurant of Pig Tails and offers a different menu. If you love Pig Tails, then you’ll definitely love Fish Tails. Located on Lake Lanier in Ge…Read More

  6. An Option For Eating – Part Two

    If you are tired of eating at the same restaurant when you come to visit Freedom Boat Club at Lake Lanier, then mix it up! Surrounding Freedom Boat Club there are many choices to pick from for eating. Read our previous post, An Option For Eating Part One, to learn about one of the great restaurants to try out in this area. If you are already familiar with that restaurant and want to experience som…Read More

  7. Boating Safety In The Fall

    As we enter fall, there are some differences in boating that should be taken into account as the weather becomes cooler. Dissimilarly to our post, Safety Tips For Boating, we will be exploring boating safety during fall. Water safety is very important to remember when you go on a boat, no matter if it’s your first time on a boat or your millionth, always remember the Do’s and Don’ts. Freedom…Read More

  8. Picnic Food Ideas

    No matter the season, having a picnic with the family or that special someone can be a lot of fun. One of the most difficult things about having a picnic is deciding what to pack. Depending on your eating audience and what the occasion is, certain foods don’t always coincide with the idea of picnicking. For instance, if you are proposing at a picnic, you don’t want to bring something messy suc…Read More

  9. An Option For Eating While Boating Part One

    Food is one of the greatest luxuries of living. Not only are you able to create delicious meals, but you are also able to fashion works of art. Feeding your body is important to maintain your health and sanity, so why waste your time eating food that you don’t like or that isn’t as great as if could be? At Freedom Boat Club of Lake Lanier in Buford, GA, we understand the importance of relaxati…Read More

  10. Some Ideas For Labor Day

    As the end of summer nears, take some time to enjoy the last few days of warmth before the cooler weather rolls in. If you are looking for one last family vacation or couples vacation idea, then take the time to do something for Labor Day. Labor Day is known for being the last weekend of summer, so take advantage of this end-of-summer opportunity. At Freedom Boat Club at Lake Lanier, we are a boat…Read More