1. Picnic Food Ideas

    No matter the season, having a picnic with the family or that special someone can be a lot of fun. One of the most difficult things about having a picnic is deciding what to pack. Depending on your eating audience and what the occasion is, sometimes certain foods don’t always coincide with the idea of picnicking. For instance, if you are proposing at a picnic, you don’t want to bring something…Read More

  2. An Option For Eating Part One

    Food is one of the greatest luxurious about living. Not only are you able to create delicious meals, but you are also able to fashion works of art. Feeding your body is important to maintain your health and sanity, so why waste your time eating food that you don’t like or that isn’t as great as if could be? At Freedom Boat Club in Buford, GA, we know the importance of relaxation and having fun…Read More

  3. Some Ideas For Labor Day

    As the end of summer nears, take the time to enjoy the last few days before the cooler weather rolls in. If you are looking for one last family vacation or couples vacation idea, then take the time to do something for Labor Day. Labor Day is known for being the last weekend of summer, so take advantage of this end of summer opportunity. At Freedom Boat Club, a boating club in Buford only thirty mi…Read More

  4. Practice Water Safety With Children

    As the temperatures stay in the high 80s and 90s, boating never sounded like such a great idea. If you are going to take one last vacation before the kids start school, then try to make it a boating family vacation. At Freedom Boat Club, a boating club located in Buford, GA, we offer great alternatives to affordable boat ownership. At Freedom Boat Club, we have a variety of water activities for th…Read More

  5. Safety Tips For Boating

    Are you looking for a vacation spot for the summer? Or what about taking that family vacation you’ve been talking about? Check out Freedom Boat Club, a boating club in Buford, GA and a great family vacation spot. We are a boating club that has a passion for the boating lifestyle and will make sure that you have a grand time. To ensure you have an amazing time at Freedom Boat Club we want to shar…Read More

  6. Welcome to Freedom Boat Club

    Welcome to our blog, where you’ll find everything you need to know about boating, boats, summer and family vacation ideas, water safety, and how to fully enjoy an affordable alternative to boat ownership. At Freedom Boat Club, based in Buford, GA, we make sure to operate our business on integrity, innovation, and a passion for the boating lifestyle. We base our business on a platform of honesty …Read More