1. Take Advantage Of Boating In The Fall

    Even though autumn is approaching faster than anyone wants it to, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t revel in the cooler weather and the changing trees. It’s always nice to have the weather change after so much heat. However, autumn hasn’t fully kicked in yet — hopefully, that means winter will take its time to arrive — so you can continue enjoying what’s left of the summer. Fall is ful…Read More

  2. How Fresh Air Can Keep You Feeling Great

    You always hear that fresh air is good for you, but how good is it? What are the many benefits of it and why is there such an emphasis on making sure to breathe in some fresh air? You probably already know that sunshine affects your moods because of vitamin D. However, did you also know how fresh air can help your body and your mind? Probably not, since it’s not focused on. No matter if the air …Read More

  3. Have A Great Labor Day!

    Did you know that Labor Day is just around the corner? Have you started gearing up for a long weekend away from work? Do you want to take some time away from the area you live in for a mini-vacation? Are you ready to sit back and just relax for three entire days? We bet that you are ready to take a break! While the summer has been great and super fun, it’s always a benefit to sit back and enjoy …Read More

  4. Will It Rain Today: Tell By Looking At The Clouds

    Rain, rain go away come again another day… Rain can be such a nuisance! It can easily bring down a boating adventure or any other outdoor event with just a few dark clouds and some droplets of rain. Even if it’s just a sprinkle, it can ruin an entire day, afternoon, or an evening of fun. So how do you know what to look out for in the sky to know if it’ll rain or not? While the weather channe…Read More

  5. Tips For Handling A Speed Boat

    Remember when you started to drive? Do you recollect how daunting it was and how scared you felt? Well, boating can be a bit like that. You probably feel afraid to really let loose while boating because you don’t want to collide or cause an accident. While we strongly encourage you to be aware of your surroundings and to not just let loose, we also want you to have a good time. If it’s your fi…Read More

  6. The Types Of Speed Boats We Offer At Freedom Boat Club

    We are proud to offer an assortment of speed boats that will provide you with a boating experience that’s incomparable. In The Types Of Pontoon Boats, we went over the pontoon boats you can expect to find at Freedom Boat Club. Recently, we upgraded our water vessels to offer our members a little something more. While our older boats are a treat to take out onto Lake Lanier, sometimes you just ne…Read More

  7. The Pontoon Or The Speed Boat: What Should You Take Out This Summer?

    Boats come in many shapes and sizes. Like many types of vessels, you can expect a little something different from each model and make. For example, our Regal 28 Cruiser can comfortably fit four to six people on the boat, as well as offer sleeping space for an overnight trip. In comparison, our Harris Pontoon can fit 10 people and is much slower than our speed boats. At Freedom Boat Club on Lake La…Read More

  8. What To Wear While Fishing This Toasty Summer

    Hot and humid are two ways to describe a Georgia summer. The best way to cool off this summer is to go boating and participate in some water activities; however, you may want to spend some time just fishing on Lake Lanier. Whatever floats your boat, after all. In today’s blog, we’ll be going over some ways you can stay comfortably cool as you fish in Lake Lanier. Whether you’re standing on t…Read More

  9. Books To Read This Summer

    Boating isn’t just about fun in the sun. While that’s a great reason to spend some time out on Lake Lanier, you may also want some time to sit back and relax. Between rushing around on vacation and getting the kids to camp, you may not have that much time for yourself. Take some time for self-care and go boating on Lake Lanier. Bring the kids to indulge in some water activities or go out with …Read More

  10. Tips For The Beginner Wakeboarder

    One of the best activities you can do on the water is wakeboarding. This lesser-known water activity is very similar to skateboarding on land and can be a lot of fun. While it takes some time to feel comfortable on the wakeboard, you shouldn’t feel discouraged if you don’t get it on the first go. At Freedom Boat Club, we have boats that have wakeboard towers on them, so you can enjoy this wate…Read More