1. A Few Health Benefits Of Boating – Part One

    Boating might not seem like there are health benefits attached to it, but in reality, there are quite a few. The health benefits of boating can help you concentrate on work more, be more diligent toward different areas of your life, and make you feel younger. Life isn’t all about working as hard as possible, we need to take some time to appreciate the beauty around us and to take the time to en…Read More

  2. Boat Maintenance For Speed Boats

    One of the many benefits of belonging to Freedom Boat Club is you don’t have to be concerned with boat maintenance. Boat maintenance is one of the many downfalls of owning a boat, but by belonging to Freedom Boat Club, you’re able to enjoy the boat without having to worry about any boating issues. In addition, you also are able to chose whether you want a speed boat or a lake boat. Freedom Boa…Read More

  3. Autumn On The Lake

    Even though it’s slowly becoming fall, you can still enjoy being outside on the lake. Autumn happens to be one of the most beautiful times of year in Buford, GA. The leaves turn red, yellow, and orange, and you’re able to sit by the lake with a beer or warm cup of tea while the gentle breeze washes over you. The fall allows you to enjoy cooler weather, and there is a great backdrop wherever yo…Read More

  4. The Types Of Boats We Provide

    Are you looking for an affordable alternative to owning a boat? Do you love boating, but lack room for a boat or the financial access to one? Freedom Boat Club, a boating club in Buford, GA is a great way to go boating and enjoy all of the aspects of boating without the hassle. We have a wide range of activities to choose from that include watersports, fine dining, and other fun activities! We res…Read More