1. Glossary Of Boating Terms – Part Two

    In our previous post, Glossary Of Boating Terms - Part One, we covered five common boating terms many people use while out boating whether on a lake, in the ocean, or on another body of water. Today, we’ll be covering part two of boating vernacular to help you fully understand how to excel at boating and the terminology that goes along with it. Calling out the right boating terms is important be…Read More

  2. Glossary Of Boating Terms – Part One

    In addition to learning boating safety for on the water, you should also learn the ins and outs of the proper boating terms. Knowing the correct boating terms will ensure you are educated about the lay of the land while boating and how to properly direct and position each boat you’re driving or act on a boat to ensure the safety of all of the passengers. No matter if you’re commandeering a spe…Read More

  3. A Few Health Benefits Of Boating – Part Two

    In our previous post, A Few Health Benefits Of Boating - Part One, we covered a few health benefits of boating. Boating is essential to allow you to balance the many different sectors of your life. Nowadays, a majority of what we do is targeted toward work and our personal lives whether that means maintaining relationships or dealing with the kids. Boating is an escape to let you rejuvenate and ta…Read More

  4. A Few Health Benefits Of Boating – Part One

    Boating might not seem like there are health benefits attached to it, but in reality, there are quite a few. The health benefits of boating can help you concentrate on work more, be more diligent toward different areas of your life, and make you feel younger. Life isn’t all about working as hard as possible, we need to take some time to appreciate the beauty around us and to take the time to en…Read More

  5. Try Out A Family Boat

    Deciding on what boat you want to take out for the day can be a very difficult decision. Even though fall is rapidly coming upon us, there are still warm days to take advantage of, so take the opportunity to spend time in the water while you still have the option. At Freedom Boat Club in Buford, GA, we encourage you to continue going boating because there is still so much to do on the water. When …Read More

  6. Joining A Boat Club Versus Buying A Boat

    Owning a boat can be as stressful as owning a car. If you have a speed boat, then you’ll have to deal with the short life of the motor. If you live in the city, then you have to consider where to store your boat. If you love all types of boats: pontoon boats and speed boats and want to have both, you’ll likely have to choose only one because of affordability. Luckily, we have a solution to you…Read More

  7. The Types Of Boats We Provide

    Are you looking for an affordable alternative to owning a boat? Do you love boating, but lack room for a boat or the financial access to one? Freedom Boat Club, a boating club in Buford, GA is a great way to go boating and enjoy all of the aspects of boating without the hassle. We have a wide range of activities to choose from that include watersports, fine dining, and other fun activities! We res…Read More