1. 10 Boating Safety Tips

    Boating is one of the most diverse and enjoyable activities you can do! You can have some heart-pumping fun and get some tubing in and practice your jumps on water skis, or you can take a nice relaxing cruise around Lake Lanier. One thing is for certain, though, boating is always more fun when done safely. Boating can be very dangerous if you are careless, don’t know the rules, or are ill-prepar…Read More

  2. The Fastest Boats Of Different Types

    As long as humans have been around, we have had a fascination with pushing the limits. We want to make things as big as possible, as powerful as possible, or as fast as possible. When it comes to wanting to push the limits of speed, boating is no exception. There are always those who want to make it a little bit lighter and a little bit faster. To satisfy the itch to know what boat is really the f…Read More

  3. Can You Take Your Baby With You Boating?

    Boating is one of the most fun activities you and your family can do together. You can have a relaxing day on the water fishing and tanning to your heart’s content. Or, if you would rather a more exciting day, then you can try your hand at tubing or water skiing to really get the blood pumping. Whatever your family enjoys doing, boating is a great way to do it.    When there is a new family me…Read More

  4. Why Boating Is The Perfect Fourth Of July Activity

    When trying to decide what to do for the Fourth of July, there are dozens of options where you can have fun and enjoy yourself! However, nothing is quite as great as spending the holiday on a boat! In today’s blog from our team at Freedom Boat Club in Buford, we dive into why boating is some of the most fun you can have on the Fourth of July! If you have never experienced fireworks from a boat, …Read More

  5. Spend The Summer Boating On Lake Lanier

    2019 Boating Season Is Upon Us Here at Freedom Boat Club of Lake Lanier, we’ve been gearing up for this moment for a while now, and we hope you have been too! After such a long, chilly, and exceptionally rainy winter, spring is in full bloom here in Georgia — the weather is finally heating up along with the beautiful waters of Lake Lanier. Since the weather is warming up and the sun is high in…Read More

  6. What To Remember When You Go Boating With Your Dog

    Going boating is a great time with friends and family; however, if you have a pet, then it can be even better. Going boating with your dog can be such a fun time, but it’s important that you remember all of the items that you need. In our past blogs, Prepare To Take Your Puppy Out Boating and Boating Safety With Pets, we went over some safety tips for your animals when you’re out on the water.…Read More

  7. Ways To Combat The Boating Blues

    Winter is coming soon and while it’s still pretty nice in Buford, GA, that doesn’t mean it’ll stay this way for a long time. As a boating club, you can visit us whenever you want. It can be a great time to go boating in the fall and the winter. However, being a Southerner, you probably want to stay in the warmth as winter hits. In today’s blog, we’ll be covering some ways that you can co…Read More

  8. Lake Lanier Boats Winterization Checklist

    Fall is here in Buford, Georgia, which may be exciting if you’ve been anxiously waiting for campfire weather and an excuse to break out your favorite fuzzy sweater, but for most of us Lake Lanier boating enthusiasts, it’s a time of summertime sadness as we know we have just a mere few weeks left to enjoy our boats on the lake (if we’re lucky) before having to go through the daunting process …Read More

  9. Learn To Tie Knots To Prepare For Boating

    One of the factors a lot of people forget about when boating is the knot. What type of knot should you use and when should you use it? The knot is how your boat will stay secure if you pop into a restaurant for lunch or if you’re finished boating for the day. After all, you don’t want your boat to float away while you’ve stopped to grab gas, food, or you need to stop at your car because you …Read More

  10. Avoid Doing These Things While Boating

    Boating can be a lot of fun when you know what to do. While it’s an activity that you’ll learn by trial and error, we strongly recommend that you follow the safety guidelines to ensure that you and your family or friend group stays safe during our boating adventure. Obviously, it’s vital that you learn how to maneuver the boat, but we also wanted to go over some activities to avoid doing whi…Read More